Not all our Rescued Labs appear on the Adoptable Dogs page. Some require extra medical care before they are ready for adoption. Others will remain with us to comfortably live out their lives as hospice Labs. Safe Harbor sets itself apart in our strong commitment to provide thorough and excellent medical care for our Rescued Labs.

Like with people, top notch medical care for the Labs is expensive. Safe Harbor welcomes sponsors for our Labs! Won’t you say “yes” to sponsoring just one Lab?



When our rural Colorado shelter partner asked us to help with six-month-old Charlie, we didn’t hesitate. They told us he was found as a collarless stray, “abandoned in an area that people often leave dogs to die”. His vet exam and x-rays showed this beautiful, vivacious puppy had severe bilateral hip dysplasia that would become increasingly crippling.

Charlie, who is being cared for by one of our medical fosters, will have hip replacement surgery at Colorado Canine Orthopedics. Once recovered and with two new hips, this delightful puppy will be able to live an active pain free life with a loving forever family.

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Seven-year-old Belle, a happy and loving soul, was surrendered to a shelter when her owner became ill and could no longer care for her. Belle had a very painful hip. X-rays revealed a rather astonishing finding: she had a long metal pin in her femur, likely to repair an old fracture. It not only ran the length of the bone, but also protruded four inches into the soft tissue of her hip.  In addition, the top of her femur was broken off and wedged in her hip socket. We don’t know what caused these old injuries, but they were clearly causing her a lot of discomfort. First, a veterinary surgeon carefully removed the old pin. A second surgery is planned to remove the chunk of bone from her hip.  She’s being treated like a princess in her foster home and looking forward to when when will be ready for adoption.

Belle is being cared for by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

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For a pup who’s only a year-and-a half old, gentle and good-natured Patch has had some health challenges, largely due to the area in the southwestern US he came from. First, he tested positive for heartworms and went through a lengthy treatment process that included special injections, hospitalization for monitoring and rest. Then we noticed his eye had become red and swollen. Our veterinary ophthalmologist found he likely has an ocular parasite that is being seen more often in dogs coming from New Mexico, Patch’s place of origin. Vets are working to better understand effective treatment. Medication, and a probable biopsy of his eye to determine next steps are in Patch’s future. In the meantime, he has a perpetual smile and is loving life with is foster mom who tells us, “Everyone who meets him, loves him!”

Thank you to Ashley Valley Veterinary Clinic,  Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and Eye Specialists for Animals for caring for Patch.

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Boysen Berry

A shelter partner asked us for help with Boysen Berry, a five-year-old black Lab surrendered by his lifelong family who could no longer care for him. He had a large, persistent leg wound that would not heal.  We had Boysen seen by the CSU Veterinary School’s dermatology staff who determined he had a bacterial infection (MRSP) on his leg that was resistant to most antibiotics. A specially formulated drug, many follow up visits with lab work, and several months are required for the wound to heal. Boysen Berry, who found it hard not to mess with his healing leg, is really looking forward to being e-collar free!

Boysen Berry is being cared for by the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital Dermatology Department.

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Miss Honey Bee’s Sponsors

The Petfinder Foundation, Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant

Miss Honey Bee

Miss Honey Bee was taken to a shelter when she unexpectedly became blind and was diagnosed with diabetes. An eight-year-old girl in this condition had little chance of a happy ending, but we were determined she would have one! First, there was the challenge of managing her diabetes which took multiple glucose tests and insulin adjustments. Next, could anything be done to restore her vision? Working with veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Dugan at Eye Specialists for Animals we learned that her blindness was due to cataracts caused by her diabetes. Good news followed: she was a candidate for their surgical removal.  Surgery successfully restored her vision and with her diabetes managed, Honey Bee saw a wonderful increase in the quality of her life.

Honey Bee is being cared for by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and Eye Specialists for Animals.

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Benji’s Sponsors

Thank you, Sandy and Jim Simpson from SHLR and Benji!


Twelve-year-old Benji spent two months in a shelter sleeping on a concrete floor, overlooked in favor of younger bouncier dogs. He came to us underweight with ear and skin infections, and painful joints, but with a happy, gentle spirit. As we provided Benji with needed veterinary care and we got to know him better, we learned he had a number of elder issues that needed careful management. Medications, trips to the doggie chiropractor, and rugs on hardwood floors are all helping him get around better. He loves his short walks, socializing and, of course, dinnertime!

A love and a gem, golden yellow gentle Benji brings a little extra sunshine to his hospice foster mom and dad every day.  Benji is being cared for by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and The Aztec Animal Clinic 


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Duke and Jake’s Sponsors

Thank you, Jim Illg from SHLR and Duke and Jake!
Thank you, Fran Korfanta from SHLR and Duke and Jake!

Duke and Jake

These two handsome senior gentlemen are Duke and Jake. This pair of best friends found themselves orphaned when their owned passed away. Both have arthritis, and mobility issues. Duke in particular is quite frail and needs help getting around. They had always lived outside, but now relish living indoors with their very own soft, warm beds. Duke and Jake are very bonded and like to sleep touching each other, and exploring together.

Their hospice foster mom relates: “The boys are very gentle, love being with people and are very easy going with other dogs. They are social, friendly and affectionate, and wonderful with all my other senior dogs.”

Jake and Duke are two adorable senior Labs with hearts of gold. We love they will comfortably spend their golden days, however many they may be, with us.  Duke and Jake are being cared for by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, Colorado Animal  Rehab, and The Animal Doctor.

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At twelve-years-old Miss Autumn found herself on the street as a stray, and then safely in the care of our shelter partner. Thin, elderly, painful and with a variety of lumps and bumps, she needed special care so we were called to help. This delightful “lady of a certain” age has a lovely calm temperament and is a friend to all. As our vets evaluated her health, they discovered some dental masses that turned out to be malignant melanoma, an aggressive cancer. Autumn will enjoy her golden years comfortable, spoiled, and well-loved with her hospice foster mom.

Autumn is being cared for by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and The Animal Doctor.


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Chaco’s Sponsors

Thank you, James LaPrelle from SHLR and Chaco!
Thank you, John Zimmerman from SHLR and Chaco!


Miss Chaco is a gentle, happy and engaging ten-year-old chocolate Lab who was left at a shelter when her elderly owner was unable to care for himself or her anymore. On intake, all our senior Labs receive senior labwork as part of the assessment of their health; Chaco’s showed some troubling results. We followed up with an ultrasound that revealed she has late stage liver disease, a tumor on her adrenal gland, and a mass near her pancreas. Our girl also had some painful arthritis in her hips. Miss Chaco is on medication to support her liver and keep her hips comfortable. “I am doing quite well, thank you very much!” she wags. She will be loved and cared for by her hospice family.

Chaco is being cared for by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.


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Emma’s Sponsors

Thank you, Carol Sloper from SHLR and Emma!
Thank you, John Zimmerman from SHLR and Emma!
Thank you, Brenda Leap from SHLR and Emma!


Pretty and gentle Emma, who is about ten-years-old, was discovered by Animal Control in the home of hoarder who had recently passed away. She was taken to the shelter where she failed to thrive, as she was fearful and had never been socialized. Every noise startled her and she lay in her dog run facing the wall day in and day out. Eventually the staff at the shelter understandably questioned her quality of life, which is never a good sign at a shelter. Emma was deemed “unadoptable” because of her paralyzing fear and a myriad of physical ailments.

Partnering with another rescue, we stepped in to make sure Emma was not another overlooked dog at a shelter. Within a couple of weeks of Emma going to a quiet foster home, we saw her start to blossom. Emma is getting the medical attention she needs and she has made some remarkable strides. We found that her years of neglect left her frail and extremely shy, so she will remain with us in hospice care: happy, safe, and comfortable in her loving foster home.

Emma is being cared for by The Animal Doctor.


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