Not all our Rescued Labs appear on the Adoptable Dogs page right away. Some require extra medical care before they are ready for adoption. Others will remain with us to comfortably live out their lives as hospice Labs. Safe Harbor sets itself apart in our strong commitment to provide thorough and excellent medical care for our Rescued Labs.

Like for people, top notch medical care for the Labs is expensive. Our major veterinary partners include:

Alameda East Veterinary Hospital, Colorado Canine Orthopedics, VRCC Dermatology, Rocky Mountain Veterinary Cardiology, Eye Specialists for Animals, Red Sage Integrative Vet Partners, and Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists

Safe Harbor welcomes Sponsors for our Labs requiring extensive medical care! Won’t you say “Yes” to sponsoring just one Lab?


Buddy: Diabetes, Cataracts, Blind and Dental

My Name is:  Buddy; 10 years old
Medical Profile: Diabetes, cataracts, blind and dental disease
My Story: I was diagnosed with untreated diabetes and not feeling so great until Safe Harbor’s vets did all kinds of lab work and got me started on daily insulin shots.  As a result of the untreated diabetes, I developed cataracts and became blind.  Thanks to cataract surgery at Eye Specialists for Animals, I can see and fetch my ball again . . .  and steal it from my Lab brother!  A dental gave me back my pearly white smile that I flash every day at my forever mom for all the care and love she gives me.
My Vet Bill?  $4,409

Cardi: Broken Shoulder

My Name is:  Cardi; 11 months old
Medical Profile: Broken Shoulder
My Story: A Good Samaritan found me abandoned and limping in the Kansas countryside. Once I got to Safe Harbor, x-rays showed I had a broken shoulder as well as some small bullets in my side.  My shoulder repair surgery was tricky, and I had a pretty long rehab and needed special treatments to get back on my paws. My foster mom had infinite patience with my puppy self as I recovered.
My Vet Bill? $4,931

Puppy Charlie: Surgery

My Name is:  Charlie; 5 months old
Medical Profile: Surgery for Foreign Object Ingestion
My Story: Here it is short and sweet: I ended up in the ER because I ate a rock. Being a puppy, it seemed like an interesting thing to do at the time, but it got stuck in my intestines and I had to have major abdominal surgery my owners couldn’t afford. The ER vet suggested surrendering me to Safe Harbor rather than sending me to heaven.  Me, my former owners and my new family are all very grateful they did!
My Vet Bill? $2,600

Charlie: Tick Borne-Disease, Overweight

My Name is:  Charlie; 6.5 years old
Medical Profile: Tick Borne-Disease, Overweight
My Story: I’d lived on a chain outside in Kansas for a couple years until my owner passed away and no one wanted me. Being a good-natured Lab, I always saw the glass as half full in spite of my circumstances. It overflowed when I found out I was going to Safe Harbor!
Living outside all that time I had my share of ticks and ended up with ehrlichia, a tick-borne disease. It responded well to antibiotics. Once rescued and off that chain, I could indulge in my favorite game of endless fetch and catch . . .  and lose a few of my 105 pounds!

Chloe: Pneumonia, UTI, Dental, Sarcoma, Overweight

My Name is:  Chloe; 10 years old
Medical Profile: Pneumonia, Urinary Tract Infection, Dental Disease, Surgery for Soft Tissue Sarcoma, 20 pounds overweight
My Story: I was well loved, but when my owners could no longer care for me and went to assisted living, I was sent to a shelter. Safe Harbor rescued me and soon I was winging my way to Colorado on a volunteer pilot’s private jet!  It had been a long time since I’d been to the vet and I had many health needs. Lots of appointments for x-rays, tests, meds, and checkups dot my calendar now. Fortunately, my foster dad is wonderful chauffeur. “Chloe is a lovely senior girl with a happy heart of gold!” he tells everyone.

Cinch: Allergies and Wound Care

My Name is:  Cinch; 5 years old
Medical Profile: Severe Allergies and Wound Care
My Story: I enjoyed being an active hunting dog and loved being out in the tall grass and marshy areas retrieving birds, but I had some serious environmental allergies. They got out of control and left me with infected wounds that wouldn’t heal. Finally, my family could no longer care for me. I spent over a week in the hospital for wound care and had a long road to recovery getting my skin to heal and my allergies under control with help from a dermatology specialist. Many thanks to my foster dad who took me to lots of appointments!
My Vet Bill? $1,245

Gandalf: Entropion and Dental

My Name is: Gandalf; 11.5 years old
Medical Profile: Entropion (eyelashes turn inward and constantly scratch the eye) and Dental Disease
My Story: Some say since my name is Gandalf, I was looking for the Shire, and Bilbo Baggins and Frodo, but got turned around and ended up in a shelter instead. Well, with my sore irritated watering eye, things were a little blurry. But I found my way to Safe Harbor where their vet did delicate surgery on my eyelid, and I got meds to sooth my painful eye that was scratched from the rubbing.  In addition, I needed a delicate procedure at Eye Specialists for Animals to repair my cornea.  Got my teeth fixed up too!
With my bright clear eyes and dazzling white smile, my foster mom says: “Gandalf, you are one handsome Lab!”

Hazel: Bladder Stones and Surgery

My Name is:  Hazel; 2.5years old
Medical Profile: Bladder Stones and Bladder Surgery
My Story: When I was surrendered to Safe Harbor, I had a bladder infection that had been going on for a long time.  When my foster parents found some “stones” in the snow shortly after I arrived, I was soon back at the hospital for an ultrasound of my bladder.  Next stop for me was surgery to remove lots of painful bladder stones that were causing the infection. My foster mom and dad made sure I was given special prescription food, provided lots of TLC for my recovery, fell in love with me and adopted me!
My Vet Bill? $2,663

Izzy: Vehicle Accident

My Name is:  Izzy; one year old
Medical Profile: Broken Bones and Other Injuries from a Vehicle Accident
My Story: I fell out of a moving vehicle when I was only a few months old and got pretty banged up: broke my thigh bone, wrist and toe, and my front leg got yanked around causing minor injury to some nerves to my foot. My previous owners fixed my thigh bone. Then they left me at a shelter months later when they couldn’t afford any more care and didn’t have time for me – I’m a frisky teenager these days; my best subject is Recess 101!
Safe Harbor consulted with the surgeons at Colorado Canine Orthopedics and rehab vet specialists at Red Sage Integrative Vet Partners to get me fixed up and on the road to recovery.  It was a long recover with my foster mom, but I’m doing great now and love my new family

Jed: Arthritis and Dental

My Name is:  Jed; 14 years old
Medical Profile: Arthritis and Broken Teeth
My Story: When someone threatened to shoot me for wandering onto a neighbor’s property, Animal Control intervened and asked Safe Harbor to whisk me away for safe keeping.  Since I’d lived outside for a long time, the first order of business after getting meds for my sore joints, was a much-needed bath. I’m a really good-natured happy guy, but I must say after the dental to address my broken teeth and pain meds for my joints, I was feeling frisky enough to surprise my wonderful foster mom one day by hopping onto the couch for my nap. Now I’m in my forever home. My mission? Reminding everyone we Labs are “Forever Young”!

Jetta: Parvo and Addisons

My Name is:  Jetta; 9 months old
Medical Profile: Addisonian Crisis and Parvovirus
My Story: My breeder brought me to the ER in Addisonian crisis, a life-threatening condition when the body doesn’t produce enough of a critical hormone. Not interested in paying for my life saving care, they signed me over to the ER hospital who called Safe Harbor to help rather than euthanize me. Whew!
No sooner had I stabilized from this crisis, left ICU and settled in my foster home to recuperate, then I came down with life threatening parvovirus. I spent the next week in ICU on life supportive care including a plasma transfusion and a feeding tube. I was a little fighter and survived and was soon settled in my waiting forever home!
My Vet Bill? $9,770

Maverick: Typhlitis

My Name is:  Maverick; 1 year old
Medical Profile: Typhlitis (Intestinal Inflammation)
My Story: When my family broke up and work got busy, I was in a crate most of the day and starved for attention.  My idea of amusing myself by getting into mischief did not go over so well, so I was happy to be able to join Safe Harbor. But even before my intake vetting was finished, I was feeling sick. I ended up with x-rays to check me out and then a stay in the ICU for IV fluids, observation, and special medication.  All the stress in my life may have caused it.  But I breathed a huge sigh of relief to know I was in good hands, and a loving forever home was just around the corner!
My Vet Bill? $1,571

Murphy: Infections, Allergies, Dental

My Name is:  Murphy; 7 years old
Medical Profile: Skin and Ear Infections, Allergies and Fractured Teeth
My Story: I was one grateful pup when I was rescued from an Arkansas shelter.  Even though I’m an affectionate mellow soul who gets along with everyone, no one was going to adopt me.  I was a neglected mess: a raging skin infection made big patches of my chocolate coat missing, and I smelled none too sweet; my ears were infected, and all my front teeth were worn and broken with their roots exposed.  I’m happy to report that thanks to Safe Harbor and their rescue partner, their expert vets and my amazing foster mom and dad who gave me special baths, I’m well on the road to recovery!  PS Now I’m in my forever home!

Poco: Prosthesis and Rehab

My Name is:  Poco, 9 years old
Medical Profile: Prosthesis and Rehab
My Story: When my owner had a serious fall and could no longer care for me, no one in the family wanted to take me in.  Many years ago, my back leg got tangled in a chain and the lower part had to be amputated, so I became a Lab with three-and-a-half legs. Being out of balance and overweight was hard on my joints.  Working with rehab vets, Safe Harbor got me a prothesis for my leg and WOW! what a life changer! I took to it right away.  My new mom remarked: “He loves it and is so much more active and comfortable!”  I can’t wait to put my special boot on every morning when she puts her boots on!
My Vet Bill? $1,927

Sarge: Large Liver Mass

My Name is:  Sarge; 7 years old
Medical Profile: Large Liver Mass
My Story: My growing family was moving to smaller quarters that they felt would not be a good life for me, so I came to Safe Harbor for a new home.  During my intake exam the vet paused to say: “Hmmm Sarge, you feel kind of lumpy.” No kidding!  An ultrasound showed I had a really big mass on my liver.
Everyone held their breath as I had major surgery and was relieved when it was removed without complications – all six pounds of it!  I stayed in ICU a couple days to make sure I recovered without complications.  A biopsy showed clear margins, I feel great (tough way to lose some weight though) and am loving life with my new family!
My Vet Bill?  $7,600

Scout: Two Broken Legs

My Name is:  Scout; 5 months old
Medical Profile: Two broken Legs
My Story: I ended up in a Kansas shelter with two broken legs.  Not sure how it happened but some say I might have fallen out of a truck that went on down the road.
My vet, Colorado Canine Orthopedics, found one leg was healing pretty well on its own. They had to re-break and implant some hardware in the other one to make it straight.  My foster mom was a saint trying to keep me quiet for a few weeks.  That was a tall order for a puppy, but totally worth it when my new forever mom picked me and took me and my new Golden Retriever “brother” for a fabulous vacation on a Wisconsin lake!
My Vet Bill?  $3,420

Shadow: Cancer and Leg Amputation

My Name is: Shadow; 9 years old
Medical Profile: Cancer and Leg Amputation
My Story: The family who surrendered me with my foot wrapped in a bandage held on with duct tape told Safe Harbor I had an infected toenail. Turns out much more than a toenail was involved! I was hospitalized for extensive wound care and bandage changes while waiting for x-rays and a biopsy report. Turns out I had a large inoperable malignant tumor severely damaging my foot. After surgery I adjusted pretty quickly to a cancer-free life as a tripod with my new family!
My Vet Bill? $5,086


Sadie: Hospice

Miss Sadie, a shy senior lady nearly eleven years old, joined us in July 2020. Before Joining us, she spent a long time in an overcrowded shelter with frequent flooding from violent storms, no heat in the winter and no air conditioning the summer. A neglected stray, Sadie arrived with sore joints, was overweight, greatly in need of dental care and a bath; and on top of everything else she had advanced heartworm disease. A dental, medication for achy joints and a good diet greatly improved her quality of life.

But even with treatment, her heartworm disease has taken its toll. Sadie is loved and doted on by her “fospice” parents, Jen and Jason. She relishes a good nap, a leisurely stroll and is doing well on the supportive medications for congestive heart failure.

Our veterinary partner for Sadie’s veterinary care is Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

Sponsor Sadie:


Jake: Hospice

Jake came to us as an owner surrender in January 2020 after a family member passed away and there was no place for him to go.  He’s 13-14 years old and has a variety of senior issues and medical conditions that need ongoing veterinary care and monitoring. Jake had not been to the vet for many years and needed a major ”tune up,” including an extensive dental and eye surgery. His “fospice” mom, Leslie, helped him lose 15 pounds to improve his mobility.  Jake’s feeling pretty darn good and enjoying lounging around the house with the other resident senior dogs. A car ride around the block is a highlight of his day!

Our veterinary partners for Jake’s care are Eye Specialists for Animals and Alameda East Veterinary Hospital



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