Not all our Rescued Labs appear on the Adoptable Dogs page. Some require extra medical care before they are ready for adoption. Others will remain with us to comfortably live out their lives as hospice Labs. Safe Harbor sets itself apart in our strong commitment to provide thorough and excellent medical care for our Rescued Labs.

Like with people, top notch medical care for the Labs is expensive. Safe Harbor welcomes sponsors for our Labs! Won’t you say “yes” to sponsoring just one Lab?


Aspen’s Sponsors

Thank you from Aspen and SHLR!

Andrea Meduna

Aspen — Large Mass and Oral Abscess

Eight-year-old Miss Aspen, a senior with a wonderful personality, came to us as a stray from a local shelter. Each Lab who joins us receives an intake exam by our veterinarian, and seniors receive special lab work to guide any care they might need. Aspen’s exam uncovered two troubling issues. She will need a dental for an oral abscess, and secondly a hard mass the size of an orange was discovered near her hip. Under anesthesia our vet will take a biopsy of the mass. The results will help determine subsequent surgery to remove it. Until her upcoming surgery, Miss Aspen is comfortably enjoying the good life on a soft bed in her foster home.

Aspen’s care is being provided by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.


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Joplin’s Sponsors

Thank you from Joplin and SHLR!

Andrea Meduna

Joplin — Obese

It’s no secret most Labs love to eat.  Miss Joplin, who is only a year and a half old, apparently never met a morsel of food she didn’t love.  She arrived at the shelter as a stray weighing a whopping 124 pounds — about 50 pounds overweight.  All that extra weight is hard on her joints, overall health and quality of life.  Joplin is being cared for by an experienced medical foster who is helping her safely take off the weight with a prescription diet, carefully monitored portions and gradually increasing safe exercise.  It will be several months before Joplin is ready for adoption, but when she is, she will be a trim, fit and healthy Lab.

Joplin’s medical care is being provided by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and the Canine Health Resort.


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Beau’s Sponsors

Thank you from Beau and SHLR!

Andrea Meduna

Beau — Heartworm Treatment

My family clipped on my leash, put me in the car, drove me to a building full of barking dogs and handed my leash to a person on the other side of a counter.  “His name is Beau, he’s 9 or 10 years old, he lives outside and we don’t have time for him,” they said.  Then they walked out the door. And so I became the senior resident of an animal shelter for the next two months. The concrete floor was hard, but at least I was inside as winter set in. My luck was about to change . . .

My leash was handed to Safe Harbor’s rescue partner.  I’d be going to Colorado! Ah, but there was a twist. As I got my health papers in order to travel, the vet discovered I had heartworms. “No worries,” said Safe Harbor. “When we commit to a Lab, we take care of them!” I’m now getting the treatment I need – it will take a couple of months. I’m one lucky guy to have my Safe Harbor foster mom at the other end of my leash now!

Beau’s care is being provided by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.


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Max’s Sponsors

Thank you from Max and SHLR!

Andrea Meduna

Max — Neurological Condition

A local shelter was desperate to find a place for Max, a two-year-old stray Chocolate Lab who was happy, playful, affectionate and friendly with all. The problem? He appeared to have a neurological issue that caused his back legs to be wobbly.  Our vets and specialists took over. After a variety of tests, they diagnosed that Max was likely born with a smaller than usual cerebellum. This affected his motor skills.  With physical therapy, acupuncture, special exercise and the chance to get more physically fit in his foster home, Max now just looks a little endearingly goofy running around with his dog pals.

Max’s care was provided by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and Red Sage Integrative Veterinary Partners.


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Maple Syrup’s Sponsors

Thank you from Maple Syrup and SHLR!

Andrea Meduna

Maple Syrup — Life Threatening Pneumonia and Cushing’s Disease

Good-natured Maple Syrup, a ten-year-old stray, was referred to us by a local humane society. Since she drank several gallons of water every day and had a rather pot-bellied appearance, they were concerned about her health.  Advanced diagnostics revealed she has Cushing’s Disease, a treatable medical condition where the body makes too much of a certain hormone.  She will be on a lifelong daily medication to keep things in balance.

Then she suddenly and unexpectedly came down with life-threatening pneumonia.  She spent seven days in Intensive Care with a fever as high as 105, dangerously low oxygen levels, and in need of advanced supportive care to survive.  It was touch and go, but happily she pulled though!  Maple Syrup also now drinks a more ladylike quantity of water and her trim figure has returned.

Maple Syrup’s care was provided by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital and Pet Wellness Clinic.


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Dixie’s Sponsors

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Jo Etta and Jim Heiney
Tracy Gregory
Margo and Gary Boyer
Deborah Ollila and Colleen Schell
Pat McCausland
John Brown
Francie Rogers
Amy Urban
David and Jana Greene
Kaye Marks
Natalie Solvason
Leslie Brown

Dixie — Surgery for Bladder Stones

Gentle ten-year-old Dixie came to us from a disabled community member in crisis who had to leave her home and Dixie behind.  Once with us, Dixie received much-needed vet care and pain medication for her arthritis.  She seemed uncomfortable doing her business outside; diagnostic imaging revealed she had hundreds of bladder stones of various sizes.  After surgery she felt much “relieved.”  Dixie will need to be on prescription food for the rest of her life to help keep the stones from recurring. When she feels better, we will treat her to a dental so she has a pearly white smile for her new family.

Dixie’s care was provided by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.



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Bentley’s Sponsors

Thank you from Bentley and SHLR!

Andrea Meduna

Bentley – Heartworm Treatment and Recovery Complication

Bentley, who is about a year and a half old, came to us from Arkansas, one of the top five states with incidence of heartworm disease.  Although he tested negative for heartworms before he arrived, our vets found that test was in error.  After his lengthy heartworm treatment that involved months of medication, a series of injections and a hospitalization for observation, he developed a cough.  Lung x-rays revealed he had pneumonitis — a lung infection and potential side effect of treatment.

Bentley’s care was provided by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.



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Rudy’s Sponsors

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Gail Madsen
Andrea Meduna

Rudy — Gunshot Wound and Heartworm Positive

Four-year-old Rudy was found in rural Arkansas with a gunshot wound to his leg. A shelter partner called us for help with this good-natured chocolate Lab, and we soon had him seen by a local vet for the immediate wound treatment he needed. Before coming to us in Colorado, all our out-of-state Labs are tested for heartworms. Unfortunately, Rudy tested positive.

Rudy will undergo a three-month heart worm treatment– including medication, special injections, hospitalization and strict rest. In addition to his heartworms, the gunshot wound to his leg is being treated for a challenging and painful bone infection. He is being a very good patient as he recovers with his medical foster mom Rudy’s care is provided by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital


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Tina’s Sponsors

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Diane Graf
Andrea Meduna


Miss Tina came back to us several years after her adoption when her owner passed way and she was left on her own. At least twelve years old, she had a number of senior health issues that needed attention to improve her quality of life. She is blind and quite arthritic, but a very happy girl. She is being loved and cared for in her golden years by her hospice foster mom.

Miss Tina is being cared for by Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

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