Sue and Joe

Joe and I applied to SHLR to foster a Lab in 2007. Our intent was to find a Lab to adopt after our two black Labs crossed the rainbow bridge the previous year.

Fast forward 9 years later to 2016: we foster failed on our first foster, Dixie Dog, a silly yellow girl, who is now 10 years young. However, we managed not to foster fail on the next 56 Labs (a total of 60 to date)! Dixie accepted every one of them. She shared us, her toys, and showed them the ropes. The three of us found our niche working with all the other dedicated SHLR volunteers.

We quickly realized that although we fell in love with each Lab who came into our home, we could help more Labs in need by “letting them go” to their furever homes. It still astounds us at how well the Adoption Team matches fosters with adopters. The bonus is that we are still in touch with some of the lovely adopters, and we also get to dog sit for a couple of them.

While fostering those sweet-faced Labs, we see how clearly they communicate their gratitude for a second chance as we meet their physical, training, and psychological needs helping them become adoptable. The wonderful support from the SHLR Medical, Foster and Adoption Teams guarantees each Lab an awesome success story.

So what happened with foster #57? Happily, she was another “foster failure”. She is gorgeous Molly, a nearly 3-year old black Lab, and who is now a registered therapy dog.