Saving one dog will not change the world, but for that one dog the world will be forever changed.

Foster homes are our GREATEST NEED. Fostering is a great way to help transition a Rescued Lab into their new loving home. And it is a great way to enjoy the company of a Lab as a guest on a short term basis.

Interested foster parents should have experience with dogs, and we prefer homes where someone can be with the Foster Lab they are fostering for a good part of the day. But if you work and have another dog, or dogs, of your own to keep the Foster Lab company, that’s fine too. All Foster Labs are expected to be kept indoors and be part of the family. Your home must have a securely fenced yard.

If you do have another dog, we will be sure to select a Foster Lab that will be a good fit for your dog. After you complete the Foster Application, an initial phone interview and a home visit will be required to become a foster parent.

We ask that you wait until all of the children in your family are age 7 or older before applying to be a foster family.

Fostering is a big commitment, but ask anyone who has fostered and they will tell you that there is nothing like the rewarding experience of bringing a dog into your home and your heart, watching them blossom and then releasing them with joy to their wonderful new family.

It’s truly one of the highs of doing rescue work. And foster homes are the difference between life and death for homeless dogs at risk of euthanasia.

Please note, if you are interested in adopting we ask that you go through the adoption process. While fostering is meant to work around your schedule and what is best for the Rescue Labs, it should not be used to “test drive” a Lab before you adopt.