It was Wilbur’s lucky day when Pam chose him to be her next best Lab friend and brought this charming chocolate gent home to help him through heartworm treatment before officially becoming his forever mama!  Wilbur is thoroughly enjoying his well-earned life of love and leisure in his new home.  He isn’t quite ready for full retirement yet, so he’s taken on the role of head critter wrangler and can often be found outside on patrol.  “A Lab’s work is never done,” sighs Wilbur, as he issues yet another ticket for excessive squirreling.
Pam tells us:
Wilbur came into my life at just the right time. I had been dogless for a couple of months, and was searching for a new pal, when I got an email from the adoption team that read “I think we have a Lab who may be of interest to you!!” Wilbur is a chocolate lab who recently turned 10 years old. He came to Safe Harbor (and me!) from a family in Texas who got transferred and couldn’t take him with them. He also came with heartworms. He took his medicine like a trooper and made it through the injections that are part of the treatment. He tested clear in March, and became all mine. Wilbur is 110 lbs of sweetness. His tail is a clear sign of what a happy boy he is. While Wilbur has some mobility problems, he is always ready to clear the yard of squirrels, and do the sniff test to see if our neighbor cat has been through the yard. He is a true lab that is all about food and does a happy dance as I put his food dish down. I can’t say thank you enough to all the wonderful people at Safe Harbor and at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital for the care and support they’ve given us.
A huge thank you to Pam for fostering Wilbur through his treatment and recovery and giving him the life of his dreams!