“I’m living the dream” woofs young Wilson as he sets out on yet another exciting outdoor excursion with his new family.  At nine-months-old, Wilson, is a picture-perfect young pup with a gleaming black coat, shining brown eyes, and a fun-loving Lab heart which now belongs to his new parents, Mike and Leslie.  Wilson is a clever boy who excels at his studies, and an enthusiastic sidekick who is always packed and ready for the next big adventure.  Mike and Windsor 1

Wilson’s new dad writes:  I lost my lab, Arrow, in February 2016.  Arrow was a partner that had left a hole in my heart. In March we applied to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue to adopt a Lab before taking a trip to South America.  The day we returned, I sent notice that we were back and ready to adopt and the next day I picked up Wilson from his wonderful foster mom, Polly in Denver.  Since I got him we have not been apart. He has swam and fished with me on the McKenzie River in Oregon, was in a local parade, and is always by our side.  Wilson loves life!  Wilson has an interest in music and accompanied me to the National Fiddle Championship in Weisor, Idaho.  Wilson is always working on his obedience, and hopefully hunting skills.  He now loves to water retrieve and use his nose and eyes to investigate the world around him. He stays in our tent and loves to go camping. I still miss my Arrow but have a great partner in my buddy Wilson. Thank you Safe Harbor for all that you do!