“Life is good,” wags winsome Winnie as she stretches after a long winter’s nap and looks out on the blanket of snow covering her expansive ‘yard’ which extends as far as the eye can see.  Breakfast and a romp are on her morning schedule, and Winnie‘s pretty sure that she can talk her doting parents into a fun family adventure today.  This lovely lady Lab definitely hit the jackpot when Kathy and Kenneth chose her to be their one and only and brought her home to be loved and spoiled forever. Winnie‘s parents sent us an update after their new girl settled in: “We picked up Winnie on October 30th and have loved every minute with her.  She will be seven on December 26th, but she has the energy of a two year old.  We have had a couple snowstorms which Winnie loves.  She runs through the snow like a deer.  We have eight acres of land for her to explore.  The general thinking is rescue dogs take about three weeks to adapt to their new home; Winnie took about three minutes.  She sleeps with us and is my constant companion on the couch at night.  Our neighbors and their dogs love Winnie.  She has received several “welcome to the community” gifts.  We have taken Winnie on several short road trips, so she is becoming accustomed to car rides.  She does love food!!  She can hear the refrigerator door open from a mile away. :)) We feel incredibly blessed to have adopted Winnie.”  Many thanks to Mary Ann for fostering Winnie!