A bouncing baby boy arrived at Tyler, Kate, and Ashley’s house last month, and this little puppy whirlwind has been keeping his new family members on their toes ever since.  Young Winslow may currently be a little short on manners and could probably use a lesson on respecting his elders (according to his little big brother, Mac), but with his puppy dog eyes, happy and affectionate nature, and endless zest for life, this delightful little newcomer is truly irresistible.

Winslow’s new family sent us an update on their beautiful new pup:

Winslow (formerly known as Kirby) found his way to us from Utah via Safe Harbor.   We were hoping he was from Arizona, so we could tell people we found him “Standing on a corner in Arizona.”  And yes, that’s where his name came from.

It was love at first sight, well except for Mac.  Mac is his 13-year-old brother, a Cairn Terrier.  They are doing better, but Winslow is ALL puppy and Mac is a moving chew toy.  Winslow likes walking mom to and from work and thinks everyone is there to see him.  He only sleeps on laps, which will be interesting when he grows into his paws!  We are excited for spring and summer to get him out to run in the backyard and nearby parks.  He is already showing us he is “wicked” smart, so new tricks, games, etc. should be fun to play.  At this time, he is still learning the rules of when meals are and when going outside is appropriate.

We are thankful to Safe Harbor for this new addition to the family.  He is a bundle of joyfulness and energy.  We couldn’t be happier with Winslow arriving in our lives.