After a long stretch without a Lab, Stan was missing having a dog in his life … and then along came Wylie to the rescue!  Young Wylie grabbed his leash, toys, and a bowl, and moved right into Stan’s heart and home; and neither of these guys has ever looked back.

Stan tells us:

When I first met Wylie, at his fosters home, two months ago, my first impression was that he was such a “little gentleman.”  He was very friendly, very curious about this new human, but reserved. We all went for a long walk so Wylie and I could get to know each other. He was perfect the entire walk. No pulling on the leash, just happily walking and smelling everything. I just kept thinking, “He’s so well behaved, such a little gentleman, but he’s a puppy and he will get wild in a minute” but never did. We got in the car to come to his new home.  I was expecting chaos from a nine-month-old puppy and our first car ride. Instead, he lay calmly in the back seat, calmly, the entire ride from Boulder.

Fast forward two months, he’s still a little gentleman, but with cracks that get bigger every day. The cracks are his puppy personality coming out now that he knows he is safe in his “forever” home. We walk three to four times a day, everyday, with some of these walks, greater than a mile. He LOVES his walks. “The stealthy hunter” stalks’ the rabbits and squirrels and is curious about “Mr. Duck,” but keeps his distance. I get so much joy from watching him discovering all the new things in his life. You can just see his little personality unfolding.  He’s such a little lover who loves his “cuddles” with his Daddy in the mornings. At this point, I’ve heard him bark twice. Both times he was really excited from playing and out comes this big “puppy” bark. The look on his face was like, “Where did that come from and how do I do it again?” The look on his face was priceless. He loves to play with his toys, a small blanket, a “chew bone” from his fosters, a Kong, and a “tug-a-war” rope. Whenever I try to “clean up” and put his toys on his bed, he comes running from wherever he is and immediately drags all the toys from the bed. Now he doesn’t sleep in the bed except to nap, he just wants all of his toys strewn across the room, not neatly on his bed.  We go around and around with this because I like to tease him with it. It’s become a game with us. I like to hide his toys under his bed. It frustrates him because he can smell them but hasn’t figured out how to get them from under the bed. He will though, he’s really intelligent…He amazes me at how fast his vocabulary is growing and how he likes to learn. Wylie is a well-balanced, happy little boy. He loves his new life, his new home, and he shows me how much he loves his Daddy every day.

I had been without my ‘buddy’ for eight years since my previous Lab from SHLR passed after ten years. This little guy in two months has filled my heart full again.  It’s like we were “made” for each other.