Wylie Coyote stopped chasing roadrunners long enough to put his pawprint on the paperwork finalizing his adoption, and he is now a very proud member of Jean and David’s family. Young Wylie arrived full of enthusiasm but a bit short on manners, so his new family has been working hard to help him make up for lost time and catch up on his lessons. At about 1.5 years old, Wylie is still just an overgrown pup, but he is an eager student and already making great strides toward becoming the very best Lab citizen he can be.

Wylie’s parents recently sent us an update on their new boy:

We kept the name Wylie Coyote as it is the perfect name for him. He’s a rascal at times but we are working on him with a trainer. He will do anything for a treat, so he has learned so many manners in a short period of time. He came into our lives 7 years after our last lab. Wylie has brought nothing but love and joy into our hearts.

He starts his day by visiting everyone at the local Starbucks. He then has learning time after which he gets to go on a long walk. He has a blast with other dogs, so he looks forward to his daily jaunts to the dog park. We’re not sure if he knows how to swim, but he will be learning when it gets warmer. He loves the car, so we take him everywhere. The mountains are our next stop as we love to hike. His 2 “brothers” live in New York City and are making a special trip out to meet him. We had a huge Super Bowl party and he was so calm around everyone. I have a feeling he would make a good therapy dog. Our house and cars are full of dog hair and we could not be happier.

Wylie is a dream come true. Thank you, Safe Harbor!