Vidula enjoyed fourteen wonderful years with her first beloved Safe Harbor Lab, Avi, and when she was ready to open her heart to another pup following his passing last January, she once again came to Safe Harbor to find her next Lab love. Three-year-old Yogi is a very clever cookie who knows a good thing when he sees it, so when he heard that Vidula was looking for her new best friend, this handsome rascal raised his paw, wagged his tail, batted his puppy dog eyes, and said “pick me, pick me!” Apparently, he caught her attention and won her over, because it wasn’t long before Yogi was packing up his bowl, bidding a very fond farewell to his foster mom, and hanging his leash in his new forever and ever home.

Yogi recently took some time out of his very busy dog day to fetch his iPawd and send us a pupdate:

My name is Yogi, and my mom tells me I am a handsome, smart, eager-to-please kid. I love learning new things, and I’ve learned so much since I was adopted in July!

I am well behaved 93% of the time, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I used to get reactive (aka really scared) whenever I saw other dogs on leash. I would whine, cry, then bark and lunge because I didn’t know what to do with myself. These days I go to dog school where my teacher is helping me learn how to manage my excitement/anxiety when I pass other dogs. Believe it or not, I can now sit and turn my head away from other dogs when they pass me on the street. Besides my gentle leader (yuck! I hate that thing), the main thing that helps me stay focused in stressful moments is Swiss cheese. I’ve learned that I like Swiss cheese even better than bacon! Who wouldn’t?

I’ve also learned that I love long walks, short car rides, Quackers (my toy duck), my dog sitter April, and homemade pumpkin treats. But not in that order.

I really want to thank the whole gang at Safe Harbor for rescuing me from the streets and taking me back in a second time. An extra special big thanks to my foster mom, Mimi, and foster sister, Daisy, for loving me…twice! Today, thanks to everyone at Safe Harbor, I’m a happy, wiggly, sometimes naughty, but always lovable boy.