That handsome young hound who has been making himself right at home at Sandy and Doug’s house is the marvelous Mr. Zack.  He’s a happy, active boy with energy to spare, but luckily he does come with an off switch and can settle down for a long winter’s nap.  With the patient help of his wonderful new parents, Zack has been adjusting well to the life of a family dog and is learning how to be an upstanding Lab citizen.

Sandy and Doug tell us:

We adopted Zack (formerly known as Zonk) almost 11 months ago now, on Feb. 13, 2020.  He is probably almost 3 years old now.  He has plenty of puppy play still in him but settles down and can sleep away the afternoon or evening or night, whatever.  He runs across the back yard like the wind chasing those squirrels.  He loves to chew on sticks out there too and tries to sneak his favorite toys outside.  He’s very athletic, I even found him up a tree one day.  Wish I had my camera with me.

With the COVID-19  “Stay-at-Home” orders we have had plenty of time to get to know each other.  At first he didn’t like to be left alone and I was anxious about how it would go when we did go out, but we are leaving him now and he is handling it fine.  He is the most well house-trained dog I have ever had.  This boy has never messed in the house.  It’s been fun to see him relax around us and settle in.

He really really hates the Fed Ex, UPS, and whatever trucks and can spot them from a block away.  But if the driver stops and gets out he loves the person and will get right into the truck.  We have had a mobile dog groomer come recently and he really gets excited and will jump in the trailer and right into the tub.  Zack has brought a lot of fun and energy to this household.  Thank you Safe Harbor!