Four-year-old Zahra’s new mom is also her new walking and hiking partner, personal trainer, exercise buddy, dietician, executive chef, and, of course, BFF. These two girls hit the ground running and never looked back, and Zahra is well on her way to being swimsuit ready this summer, thanks to her healthy and active new lifestyle.

Zahra’s mom sent us an update on her lovely Lab girl:

Zahra has been a joy since the day I adopted her. She loves being outside in the backyard on squirrel patrol and running like crazy in open space areas and with easy-going dogs. She’s no pushover! She is a quick learner, and her on-leash behavior has improved so much. Off-leash, she has very good recall. We are still working on the overly protective aspect of her personality, but that is improving, too, with increased exposure to strangers and new environments.

Zahra is down to a svelte 72 pounds, down from 87 at foster intake in mid-March. She has a few more pounds to lose to be at her optimum weight, but with her love of outdoor exercise and keeping her to a strict (and very healthy) diet, it will be easy. She is a champion kisser, and she loves getting massages. Zahra is the only dog I’ve ever known that can fall asleep laying on her back! In direct sunlight, you can see that Mom or Dad was a chocolate Lab.

Zahra and I are looking forward to many life adventures together!