We have a soft spot for senior Labs at Safe Harbor and love nothing more than when they find a lovely soft place to land. At just 10 years old, Clancy felt he was just getting started and, frankly, this dapper chap was a bit offended when his BAARK card arrived in the mail! “It must be some terrible mistake,” he grrrumbled. However, Clancy’s spirits soon picked up when he learned that a very special adopter wanted to meet him. Erica had recently lost her beloved 13-year-old Lab girl, Phoebe (adopted from SHLR at 2 years old) and wanted to give another lucky Lab a loving home. Before he knew it, Clancy was the proud owner of a brand new name and his very own mama, and was heading up the hill to his forever home. He’s looking forward to fun-filled days spent snuggling, walking, hiking, swimming, and generally showing the young pups how it’s done.

Erica tells us:

I have renamed Clancy, Zeke! He is thriving with me and has become a wonderful companion. I have gotten 11 pounds off of him with decreased food and lots of walking! He bonded to me pretty quickly, and I believe he learned his name in about a week! He was a stray, and I can’t believe that someone could let this loving, calm dog go at his age!

Zeke is never far from my side, follows me from room to room and up and down stairs when I am home. He has a bed on both levels of my house, so can choose one no matter where I am!

Zeke is a typical lab, very loving and kind. He has not met another dog he doesn’t like! He goes to work with me and loves children, and they of course love him! He is loving running and playing in the snow in Evergreen! Loves the car window too!

Zeke is a senior and the second Lab I have adopted from SHLR. The breed is fantastic, and I will cherish however many more years I have with him!

Thank you to Erica for giving this beautiful golden boy his happily ever after.