Zeke couldn’t wait to show us how much fun he is having with his family!  Saying that he is ball crazy would be an understatement for this boy.  Zeke never tires of retrieving them, and hopes that Rayna, Marcus and the kids will always have one on hand.    He is always on the go and loves spending time with his busy family.  Zeke thinks that he is in Lab Heaven!  Adoptive mom, Rayna was kind enough to send us this update:Zeke

Duley’s name is now Zeke.  He is the most loving and wonderful companion.  He wants to chase the ball every day, in fact, we are headed there now. He has a gentle and playful nature. Always is polite when taking his treats.  He learned to swim, and now loves to go paddle boarding. We can’t wait to take him to the lake again this summer.  Here is a photo of Zeke going to the lake!