ZekeAfter the loss of her beloved 14-year-old Lab, Zoe, (an SHLR alumna), Melanie missed having a Lab in her life and came to Safe Harbor to find her new best friend.  Along came a simply adorable one-year-old Lab mix pup named Logan and swept her off her feet with his boyish charms. Logan convinced Melanie that he was the one and this newly-minted little family’s adventures began.

Melanie sent us a note about life with Logan, now known as Zeke:  I gave Logan a new name…Zeke.  Zeke is doing great.  He has chewed up a couple of things in my house, but it’s all replaceable.  He is not a huge destroyer, but I do need a new remote (haha).  Snow seems to be a bit new to him.  He likes to run in it and refuses to come inside.  With these very cold temperatures outside the past couple days, I have had to chase him in the back yard to get him inside.  He knows sit, shake with one paw then shake with the other paw.  He is still learning to walk (and not pull) on the leash.  I have a lead that helps a lot with training.

Zeke adoptionZeke loves to play tug-of-war and he loves to cuddle very close to me in the evenings and when we go to bed.  He hogs the bed (haha). My nephew is a photographer, so we went to a very pretty place to get Christmas pictures done. He did very well when not distracted.

Anyway, Zeke has been awesome and is a very good pup.  He is still learning as so am I, but we are doing it together.  He is very loved and he returns that love even more.  Zeke and Melanie