Zeke joined Peter and Trish’s family late last summer, and his new dad recently sent us this wonderful update on their lives together: Peter and Trish first met Zeke after the Silent Auction event at City Bark in August 2017 when visiting his foster location. He was about to turn one year old, and although young and spunky, immediately snuggled up to them at their first meeting. Snuggling is his middle name along with Doggle, Fang, and the Zeeker Monster. He is a big loving 73-pound goof who loves to fit into small spaces, play chase games all around the house, and try to hide in plain sight.

After about three weeks of adjustments and reminders of his excellent baseline obedience, Zeke has adjusted very well to his new life. SHLR volunteers were careful to screen for a home with one parent working there during the day, and it has been a good thing for Zeke. Peter and Trish are experienced lab parents who have helped him understand the house rules, especially sitting before hoovering the contents of his bowl. There are plenty of opportunities for fetching, napping, snoring, chomping on Peter’s discarded woodshop projects, or finding a spot to dig up in the backyard. He even gets to go to work with Peter and play in the big construction warehouse twice a week. Zeke loves greeting Olivia, a huge fan of Paw Patrol, and now Zeke is an honorary patroller. They chase each other around the house with occasional checks on Zeke’s enthusiasm and jumping (he gets some big air). Zeke is especially happy when Olivia sits down for dinner because there is usually a surprise waiting for him below her chair…table manna with reminders of table manners.

There are a lot of very durable chew toys around his home these days since this big puppy lives to chew most of his waking hours. Those are important distractions from tasty shoes and socks. A large kennel is a cozy nest for when parents run short errands. For such a young dog, Zeke is remarkably well-behaved, and his new family is very grateful for the voice control. While he does pull on his leash, the reminders to heel work really well, and it’s delightful to go for walks. Zeke is fun and friendly at the dog park, and especially loves staying with his friends Moose and Frankie, when his parents are out of town.

Zeke has been such a sweet blessing, and so very well-behaved as a large puppy. He is ready for any adventure at the other end of a car ride with lots of hugs and games in between. There are many hiking trails, camping trips, and powder days ahead for this wonderful Colorado dog!