This is the tale of two great guys who are thrilled to have found each other.  Hank was missing his beloved 14-year-old Golden Retriever who he’d lost last year, and was ready to open his heart to a new four-legged friend.  Meanwhile, after some time on the streets, a 4ish-year-old Yellow Lab named Zeke had found his way to the folks at Safe Harbor who had taken him in and addressed his medical needs.  Now, after recovering from TPLO surgery with the expert help of his foster mom, Zeke was feeling fit as a fiddle and hoping that there was a forever someone out there looking for a special pup like him.  When Hank and Zeke’s paths crossed they both knew that life would be better together, and in a short time Zeke went from homeless and alone with only the fur on his back, to being the extremely proud owner of a new dad with whom he’ll share homes in both Colorado and Pennsylvania.zeke-3

Hank sent us a couple of updates on Zeke’s new life:  Zeke has been a real joy. After three days in the car and 1800 miles we arrived at my PA home. He has many new Aunts and Uncles who like him a lot, as well as a number of new four legged buds.

My vet checked him out and felt he looked great. He was amazed at all that rescue did for him. We have a follow-up next week for the X-ray. If that looks good, I will add a daily swim in the fishing creek to his daily walking routine. He’s terrific!  He gets to meet his sister (my daughter) Friday. I’ve been sending her daily pics at her request. He’s going to think he died and went to doggie heaven. Should be fun!  Thanks again, Safe Harbor!
Zeke is pictured on adoption day watching to make sure that his new dad fills out all of the adoption paperwork properly; and with his new two-legged sister, Jana!zeke-1