Gorgeous young Zephyr is loving every minute of his new life, and his new parents, Christina and Mark, sent us this wonderful tale of his first family Christmas:

When one-year-old Zephyr arrived at our house, the kids were under the impression that we were just dog sitting for one of Mom’s friends. Little did they know that Zephyr was a rescue dog from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, looking for his forever home. Mom and dad worked hard to keep the secret from the kids for over four weeks! On Christmas morning, Elsa and Tanner learned that Zephyr was theirs, and Zephyr learned he had found his forever home and a family who already loved him.

Zephyr, as a young pup, has as much fun as he possibly can. He enjoys fetch, naps in the sunlight, and chasing bunnies or whatever other interesting critters he may see. He loves that his new mom is a runner who works from home, and his favorite is a run after a fresh snowfall. When that happens, he literally bounces the entire time. He enjoys all the attention and hugs and kisses that he receives from his new boy and girl as well. He is still working on learning some manners, but he does remember his potty training, as well as a few other tricks that he learned prior to meeting his new family (sit, shake, lay down…).

Zephyr loves toys, treats, sun, runs, walks, meeting new people, meeting new dogs, and would really like to learn about those big creatures that people ride on his trails. He loves to jump in the air to catch a ball, and he loves his chew toys. But mostly, he loves his new family, and can’t get enough of them.

Zephyr is the best Christmas gift that we have ever received, and we look forward to many fun times with our new little buddy!