“Ziggy came into our family in December of 2010 and immediately stole our hearts. He was somewhere between 6 and 8 yrs old and was a great big bear of a dog at 120 lbs. His paws were as big as the palms of my hands. I always thought that he may have had some Mastiff or Bernard in his lineage. Our vet’s first words to us were, “Do you think you could find a bigger dog?”, and Zig had a heart just as big as he was. In classic Lab fashion, he loved to retrieve and he loved the water. He would chase a ball, or a stick, until he dropped. He relished the mountains and our yearly camping trips every month during the summers. He was never happier than when he was enjoying our walks through the forest, or his play time in the water. In the 8 years that we were blessed to have him, he was a friend and companion to three other SHLR dogs and outlived them all. He was a loyal family member who’s body finally gave out on him on Aug 27, 2018. He is missed, was loved deeply and dearly and will never be forgotten. Run free again sweet big boy.”