zoe-2I got Zoe (formally known as Jody) from Safe Harbor 12 (almost 13) years ago. She was left tied up and bleeding outside, in the middle of the night at the Dumb Friends League and you guys took her in. I met Zoe shortly after, and she was the one for me. I lost her 2 months ago, in August (she was 14 yrs old approximately).


zoe-1When I was told she had cancer and had only weeks to live, she proved to me and the Vet that she was stronger than we thought and lived 4 more months with me. I spoiled her, grilled her burgers, some steak, chicken and rice and sometimes she got a double cheese burger at McDonalds. She also got ice cream. She took her medicine every morning like a trooper. She was the best dog and I was blessed to have her in my life.  The photo of Zoe on my lap is the first night I got her. The photo of her on the deck was towards the end.  zoe-4zoe-3