Lovely Ms. Zoe is very excited to announce that she is home forever with her new parents, Karen and Ralph.  With beautiful big brown saucer eyes that will melt your heart with just a glance, and jaunty ears that can’t always decide whether to flop or fly, Zoe is a delightful, adorable, little Lab girl.  Although she can be a little unsure of herself and the world around her at times, Zoe is thriving in her new home and continues to gain confidence with the patient help of her new parents who let her know every day what a very good and special girl she is.

Zoe’s new mom writes:  Once we decided we were ready for another dog, we worked with SHLR to find a good fit.  Susan, the foster, was so helpful in describing Zoe’s behavior that when we actually arrived at her home and met Zoe, it took only minutes to know she was the one!  Zoe is a 4-year-old yellow Lab mix, very sweet and gentle, but also very submissive.  She is easily spooked by things, sometimes afraid to venture out of the house, but we have moved slowly with her and she has warmed up so much.  She loves catching the ball and running through the snow—typical Lab behavior.  It will be interesting to see how she takes to water!  She is generally very easygoing, curious about other dogs but quick to back off if she feels threatened.  It’s difficult not knowing what she’s been through, but we will start training to help her feel more comfortable.

Zoe is a loving Lab and would probably be happiest if she could catch the ball and be petted 24 hours a day.  We’re hoping to try some camping and hiking with her in the near future.   I’ve volunteered with SHLR for 7 years, and it’s been so rewarding, but even more so to have a Lab in our home again!