Five-and-a-half-year-old Zoe is a chocolate beauty with soulful golden eyes.  Up to this point, her life has been somewhat of a Cinderella story. But lucky for her it was time to find her happily ever after.  Zoe’s happy ending came when she met Gary.  Gary, a seasoned Lab owner, was aware of the challenges that might lay ahead if he adopted Zoe.  But at this point in life, he had the time, compassion and commitment to adopt her and give her the best life possible.  What else can we say, but… hang on to your scarf, Zoe, your adventures await!

After being devastated in March 2016 with the loss of my SHLR chocolate Lab, “Chase” at 12 years old, I thought it would be quite a while before I was ready for another dog. But by December I let Leslie know that I may be ready to see what Labs were available for adoption. She told me about “Zoe” a 5-year-old recent arrival.  Soon thereafter I met Zoe and adopted her.

While somewhat reserved, Zoe is coming out of her shell more all the time. While in very good physical health, she presented as an emotionally needy dog, always seeking affection and the need for a sense of security. She learned very quickly with food rewards and praise, and has turned out to be a very sweet, polite and well-mannered lady who hasn’t presented a single behavioral problem! She still follows me everywhere in the house, but now knows she’s safe with being left alone at home for a couple hours on occasion. She’s very athletic, loves car rides, daily walks and long hikes, playing in the creek and the snow, meeting and playing with other dogs, retrieving her tennis ball, and chasing her mortal enemies (squirrels and rabbits beware). She’s a typical goofy, lovable Lab.

Zoe is improving all the time with walking off-lead, with anticipation of regular hikes in the mountains. The project this summer is to help her learn that she has an innate ability to swim. She’s had several adventures in the mountains already, and this photo is from a recent trip to Salida. I’m grateful to SHLR for having rescued her, and giving me the opportunity for another great Lab in my life. Hopefully she’ll be featured in future SHLR calendars!