Six-year-old Zoey took a quick break from squirrel hunting to tell us how thrilled she is to be in her forever home with Star and Julio.  This lovely lass is having the time of her life keeping up with her active new family, and she’s particularly proud of having beaten out all other candidates to land her new position as assistant harp teacher, where her expert greeting and wagging skills really help her shine. Zoey’s new parents tell us:We have had so much fun already with Zoey.  She absolutely loves her morning and evening walks.  It’s become a kind of hunt for squirrel adventures, oh yeah, she’ll do her business, but she is always on the lookout at each tree we pass…..could be a potential squirrel hideout!  Zoey is a natural huntress.She did perk up with a big smile when she took her toy upstairs.  I took that as a sign she wanted to play, and she was utterly delighted! We went to the mountains for the Fourth of July, as she does not like big booming fireworks.  She saw her first deer!  She didn’t pull on the leash (she might have been thinking this animal is way too big for me to chase!).We keep busy. Zoey has met the neighbors’ dog and they all walk together in the evenings. She loves to listen to music and lays very close to the harp.  Zoey is extremely friendly to all the students who come by for lessons…and they lavish attention on her! She has been with us for one month and two days and is still struggling with eating her food, but the chicken and broth help a lot!  She is very timid about drinking water too…so there is still plenty of gentle coaxing with all that, but all that will heal with time.Many thanks to Sue and Joe for fostering Zoey!