After a very rough start in life, six-month-old Bunny is home where she belongs with her loving and adoring new parents, Sue and Mike. Now known as Zoey, this little pup is making up for lost time as she wags, charms, and snuggles her way into the hearts of everyone she meets. Zoey’s new family also includes Sue and Mike’s adult son and daughter who visit regularly, as well as their daughter’s three-year-old dog who often comes along to play. With a lifetime full of fun, family and adventure ahead, Zoey has left her painful past far behind and is happily moving forward with her new family by her side.

Zoey’s new mom tells us:  On October 18, our family met Bunny – a 6-month-old lab/pointer mix. She was living with a wonderful foster mom named Ronni. Ronni had told us that despite Bunny’s young age, she was a loving, affectionate, well-behaved puppy. Despite our reluctance to get a puppy, we arranged to meet Bunny — and it was love at first sight – or should I say lick!!

We took Bunny home after a tearful goodbye hug from Ronnie, and fell in love immediately. Bunny – or Zoey as we call her – is so affectionate. She has met several family members and friends and has not met anyone she didn’t greet warmly. Her favorite activity is to curl up next to us in the evenings on the couch and snuggle. She is pretty calm for a puppy – except for the occasional shoe she grabs – and has fit into our family effortlessly. I can’t even believe that it’s only been 2 weeks since we brought her home. She brings a smile to our faces and joy to our hearts. I can’t begin to thank Safe Harbor and Ronni for the care they gave our Zoey when she was rescued and in her first weeks in Colorado. Your love and care helped mold her into the trusting, loving dog she is today. I can’t wait to have her grow up with our family and have this be her forever home.