This is the story of Zoey, the pretty black Lab with the bright pink collar, and Tina, the lovely lady dressed in pink, kneeling next to her.  It is about their instant connection and partnership.  From all appearances, it seems that Zoey was sent special delivery to be Tina’s special four-legged companion. One-year-old Zoey is a typical young Lab with her puppy like ways.  But when Tina, who has Parkinson’s disease, needs her to be gentle and helpful, Zoey intuitively knows what to do.   Tina’s active lifestyle will keep Zoey busy, and their amazing partnership will serve them both for years to come!

I never realized until my Lab of 11 years died in my arms, the emptiness I would feel. Nani grew up with my kids. As a result of losing her, I decided not to go through that pain again. I found out quickly that my life was incomplete without a companion. I have had Parkinson’s disease for about 8 years now. Nani was my helper and loyal friend. Then my husband suggested checking out the lab rescues. When I saw the Zoey (aka Birdie) profile, I knew I needed to meet her. We bonded at once. She seemed to know that I was different and was very loving and gentle. I took her for a walk at her foster home and played with her. We bonded at that moment.

Zoey loves her new home in the country. She has 40 acres to play on and sleeps by my side. I knew she was really happy when she saw her first rabbit. That’s when I saw the biggest grin on her face. She stays on our property and usually is watching me to make sure that I am alright. I am so grateful to have a wonderful friend and companion through my journey with Parkinson’s. Recently, Zoey completed a 5k Vitality Walk and was quite the hit. We are all looking forward to a summer of exploring, farming, camping, hiking and canoeing. Thanks, Safe Harbor.