Zuko is the latest in a long line of very lucky Labradors to find a forever home with Sharm and Bill.  An experienced gent with about a decade of Labbing under his collar, Zuko easily won over his new parents and younger canine siblings and found his special spot in the family pack.

Sharm and Bill tell us:

We adopted Zuko a week ago and he is such a sweet dog.  We fell for him immediately as his picture reminded us of three previous Labs we adopted from SHLR.  He is the color of Chet with the same big feet, the sweet nature of Margie and the love of all cookies like our old man, Tucker (lived to 15-1/2).  We have learned a lot about him.  He knows his name and comes quickly when called, loves his food and all treats with a soft mouth, will play with and retrieve a tennis ball, loves to be petted, hugged and kissed.  He is a taller Lab and has climbed our fence to visit our neighbors (soon to be rectified) and our other two dogs (Buddy and Sara) watch him and let us know he has gone over. This is pretty good for a 10-year-old dog.  He is pretty spry and loves to explore our backyard and is always up for a walk.  He is already part of the pack as Buddy (part Corgi and Husky) and Sara (chocolate Lab from Safe Harbor) told us there is always room for one more Labrador.  This makes our 9th Lab from SHLR and once again a perfect match. Thank you so very much for all you do. — Bill, Sharm, Buddy and Sara