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Safe Harbor Lab Rescue successfully places about a dozen labs a month into loving homes. Adoptive families love to share their joyful experiences with us. Over 1,940 of those success stories are listed on the following pages. We'd like to thank these very special people for sharing their stories with us!

Hailey (formerly Marley)

Hailey"I've gone from foster to forever", woofs two-year-old Hailey with a wink and a wag, and an adoring glance at her new parents. When Colleen and Debbie decided that their foster girl was home to stay, little Hailey, (formerly known as Marley), gave a sigh of relief, a woof of happiness, and many wags of joy as she proudly donned her Safe Harbor bandanna and officially joined their family.

Colleen and Debbie sent us this great update on their new girl:

We absolutely love Hailey. She is settling into our home very well. She is really mellow for being 2ish but she is starting to feel more comfortable and she is getting a little more active. She is a little shy at first, but warms up to people nicely. She also thinks that she should be a lap dog.

She has been enjoying going on hikes with us, and she is very easy on the leash. I (Deb) have also started to jog with her at the jogging is more of a faster walk for her, but hopefully I will start being able to keep up. :)

She did really well in the crate for the 1st couple of weeks, but she has already gained our trust to have free roam of the house. We are not sure she got to play with toys a whole lot before she came to our home, but she has decided that she loves stuffed animal toys, and Kongs with hidden treats. She likes to pile all the stuffed animals up on her bed.

We have been working with her on some basic commands and trainings, and she catches on quickly...especially when there are treats involved. We are thinking of getting her in to an organized training too, where she will have a chance to socialize with other dogs, and meet more people too.

Thank you for bringing Hailey in our lives. We can't wait to go on many more adventures with her!


JaxonPenny and Dennis are very happy to announce that they are foster failures and are now the proud parents of a beautiful, yellow, three-year-old bouncing baby boy named Jaxon (fna Toby)!

Jaxson's new parents tell us:

Jaxson is the love of our lives already! I must have been "waiting" for him because he is the perfect dog!

Our family has fostered perhaps 175 dogs and puppies over the past 13 years, most of them through the animal shelter, but in the past 1-2 years, many with Safe Harbor. My two Goldens passed away in 2013 and 14, (and my kids are gone) so we were "dogless" for almost 9 months. We were going to wait another 6 months because of extensive travel plans this year, BUT we just could not let this perfect, wonderful, loving dog go! After 2 days of fostering Jaxson, I knew he had to stay!

Jaxson has already had 2 "foster siblings" and he is welcoming and eagerly shares all his toys and bones. He loves to play, so he really is getting the best deal. He has yet to meet a person or dog he doesn't like!

He has already taken over the job of watching for deer in the back yard and staring them down. They eat out of my garden, so he needs to be ready to jump into action!

He'll be the perfect hiking companion with my husband and I this summer and has already become a running buddy with my husband.

Penny and Dennis (happy foster failures)

Bella (formerly Hannah)

BellaBaby Hannah was only 3-4 months old when she arrived at Safe Harbor and began her search for a new home. Like many of the our alumni, Hannah's tale is one of wags to riches as she went from homeless pup to much loved family member. Hannah is now home forever with Charles and Connie and their children, and this sweet girl is definitely enjoying the good life and living out her puppy dreams.

Hannah's new dad tells us:

We have changed Hannah's name to Bella, because we all think that she is so beautiful. We are waiting to hear from our vet about what breed mix she is, though she appears to be mostly Labrador. She is a bit of a brunette with a white stripe on her chest in the shape of a Z, and her relatively short ears and webbed toes has us wondering if she has some Newfoundland in her, which would account for her wonderful disposition.

Bella is quite simply the sweetest animal that we have ever met. She is a great companion and loves being around all of us. The wonderful thing about her is that she is a companion to all of us; she is happy to be with any one of us for long periods of time, not preferring one of us over another.

Bella and friendBella loves to go on car rides, though we cannot keep the windows open all the way because she looks ready to leap out to play with anybody who smiles at her. She loves the dog park and is not afraid to play with any sized dog. Bella is very smart and takes to training well. She has not yet mastered walking beside of us rather than always being out front, but she is getting better with this everyday. She will readily sit at intersections before moving forward at our command, and she is getting better at stay commands, as well.

Most important, she was house trained in about a week with only a few accidents, which is a good thing because she appears to have a huge bladder and does have some impressive bowel movements! Bella came to us underweight and she remains a little lean, even though she can really put the food away and does not lack for frequent treats. But, we do not feed her table food and she gets at least two longs walks everyday, besides frequent trips to the dog park, so perhaps we will always have a slim lab. She does have some quirks, like chasing her tail, and she snores a bit, but she is as close to perfect as is possible for any animal.

We feel very fortunate to have been rescued from our comfortable, ho-hum existence by this wonderful dog.

Thanks for the opportunity to adopt Bella before anyone else could get her. She is now a well-loved member of our family.



SaraEvery adoption is special, and none more so than when a beautiful senior Lab finds the perfect home and is given a happy new beginning. That's was happened when a wonderful woman named Carol met a lovely Lab named Sara and the two decided that they belonged together. While it's been eleven years since little Sara was a wee pup, she is much too busy emptying her toy box and living life to the fullest to worry about a few grey hairs, and she is eagerly looking forward to spending the rest of forever with her new mom.

Carol writes:

I LOVE MY DOG!!!! My precious 11 year old small black lab. Sara has been with me a month now. Sara loves to ride in the car, she will sit in the middle of the backseat so she can see out the front windshield.

Oh, how she loves toys the squeakier the better! She has a toy box that is overflowing, she empties it every day one at a time and I have toys everywhere in my living room. (She never puts them away) every night I DO.

I take her everywhere I go I even take her too work with me, she loves it. She runs around the church like a maniac, going from room too room looking for something or someone. She discovered the nursery room one day and came out so darn happy with a STUFFED ANIMAL IN HER MOUTH!! I told her no and put it back, so this goes the next day. She is polite and calm in public staying at my side. In the doctors office she lays down.

She was so well-trained, she does not go out any open door. When we cross the street she heals on the leash and never pulls. She wants to go for walks 4-5 times a day. Sara runs around the backyard as though she were a 7 year old. SO FAST!!

She is very happy, she makes me very happy. She is just what I was hoping for. She fits in perfectly, she has my heart.


Carol and Sara

Our thanks to Carol for opening your heart and home to this beautiful senior girl.

Benelli (formerly Lana)

BenelliLittle one-year-old Lana went home with Michael and Andrea as a foster dog, but she soon had other plans! Lana knew a good thing when she saw it and quickly decided that she really would like to stay with this great family forever. Sweet Lana turned on the Lab puppy charm and showed these great folks how adorable, unforgettable, and irreplaceable she is, and soon had them convinced that she was the family member that they hadn't even known they were missing.

Lana is happily settled in now, as her new parents tell us:

Lana now Benelli came into our home as a Foster Dog, she was a scared timid soul that had no idea what the dogs toys were, not sure of the “treats”. Her brother Lincoln, who normally acts like a bull in a china shop, took to her immediately. Benelli was recovering from Spay surgery and was very mellow and calm because of the medication, but you could see the “wild child” waiting to come out.

After a full day of watching the interactions she had in the house we had decided we wanted to keep her. She was a seamless transition into our home. It’s hard to imagine her not being here. After the recovery from surgery, it has been non-stop running , playing mixed in with a little mischief keeping everybody on their toes. She is a fantastic addition to our family.

Parker (formerly Milo)

Parker"Life is woofin' awesome", Parker exclaims each morning as he wakes up in his new home and looks around to make sure that his new parents, James and Melissa, and his two new kids (yep, two!!) are all present and accounted for. After a quick woof at his kitty, Koko, Parker is ready to start the day. Formerly known as Milo, Parker is an enthusiastic 11 month old youngster, and all Lab from head to tail. He loves being out and about with his family and is looking forward to a lifetime of new adventures as a family Lab.

We caught up with Parker's new parents who sent us this update:

We have been so busy and now have added Parker to the mix! He has been a joyful addition to the family. We love having him here. Sometimes it seems hard to believe that it has only been 2 weeks! He has fit right in. He gets about 4 walks a day. He is very enthusiastic when he sees other dogs and wants to run right over. We are currently working one on one with a trainer to teach him the right way to approach other dogs. He keeps me company and follows me all over the house. The only family member not so keen on Parker is our kitty Koko. They watch each other and she is curious about him as he is about her. She just doesn’t like it when he tries to chase her or barks at her. We are working on this and hope that someday they will be friends. After all, it has only been 2 weeks!

We love him and have made him a part of the family. Thanks so much!

Mollie (formerly Kisses)

MollieMeet Mollie, formerly known as Kisses, pictured here with her new mom, Julie, and big brother, Max. Miss Mollie is the raven-haired beauty who is looking very much at home in her spot on the couch right next to mom. At about 1 1/2-years-old, Mollie is a happy, cuddly lovebug; and she's quickly learning that there really is no place like home!

Julie tells us:

Mollie is doing great! She is fitting into our family very well! She has managed to establish herself as the alpha dog in the household, and gets along very nicely with Max. We go on daily walks and they love to play in the yard together! Max is even sharing all of his toys with her which is a little bit of a surprise to me. He seems to love her companionship, we lost our 16 year old Shelby about a month before Mollie arrived. Mollie is one of the sweetest dogs that I have ever met. She is friendly, loves to gives kisses and loves to have her belly rubbed.

Thanks so much for letting us adopt her, she is special!

Breck (formerly Trek)

BreckStaci and Alan have adopted an absolutely gorgeous nine-year-old golden bear of a Lab named Breck (formerly known as Trek). Breck and his new, little big sister, Halo, have quickly become fast friends, and they make quite the adorable pair as he is the Mr. Big to her Mrs. Little.

Staci sent us an update on their new big boy:

We can not sing our praises of Breck enough!! He is the most sweet, loving, gentle giant and became an instant member of our family. Breck has an older sister Halo which is a Min Pin, she is older but much smaller LOL! They get along so well and they have toy de-stuffing parties as we like to call them. He loves his toys and when he first got to our house he cleaned out every toy box that Halo has. Breck brings a toy to bed with him every night and is just so content.

Breck and friendI can not be more pleased with Safe Harbor! We wanted a senior dog and Safe Harbor always let us know if one came available, and we got the perfect one for us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!






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