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Safe Harbor Lab Rescue successfully places about a dozen labs a month into loving homes. Adoptive families love to share their joyful experiences with us. Over 1,930 of those success stories are listed on the following pages. We'd like to thank these very special people for sharing their stories with us!

Daisy (formerly Shelly Ann)

DaisyShelly Ann is now a forever family dog! Not long ago, she was scared and alone in a shelter, not understanding how she got there and fearful of what the future would hold. Today, this loving, two-year-old black beauty is a cherished member of her very own family and a testament to what a difference good, caring people can make in a dog's life.

Now known as Daisy, she is home to stay with her new parents, Linnea and Ben. Daisy's lonely days are a distant memory as she enjoys love and companionship of her family, which includes her new bff and favorite playmate, chocolate Lab brother, Dirtwater, and her new kitty siblings.

Neka (formerly Tulip)

Nekat was love at first sight when Denise came to meet beautiful, one-year-old Tulip at her foster home. Having recently lost both of her beloved 14-year-old Labs it was quite emotional for Denise, but she was very excited about having a Lab in her life again. Tulip took to her immediately, and gave out a generous amount of excited puppy kisses, hoping to convince Denise that she couldn't possibly leave without her. That must have helped to seal the deal, for Tulip was soon sleeping contentedly in the back of her new mom's car as they traveled home to begin their life together.

Now renamed Neka, this very sweet and affectionate pup is an aspiring lap dog who loves to be close to her people wherever they go, and she is sure to thrive in her new home as she enjoys some time as the only child and soaks up all the love from her mom. Young Neka is also looking forward to many fun-filled family outings where she can stretch her legs, hone her athletic skills, and run off some of her youthful energy before settling back in for a home-cooked meal and some more cuddle time.


HenryHandsome Henry is now the proud owner of two forever parents, Shawna and Damon, two forever kids, and one yellow Lab brother named Brody. Five-year-old Henry is very excited to be a part of his new, big happy family and he's been busy showing his new parents what a very good and clever boy he is!

Shawna sent Henry's foster parents an update on his progress soon after Henry arrived home:

Henry is settling in well. He's such a good boy. The pups had a walk last night at about 8 pm. They behaved much better on our walk then our first initial meeting. Henry is doing well in the easy walker harness. He slept through the night. He was looking for a "den" to sleep in trying to get under our bed to sleep so we moved Brody's extra large crate into our bedroom and he loved it there! Kept the crate door open and put a bed in there and he was a happy guy and stayed there all night. Brody also sleeps in our room in his bed and they were both so worn out that they slept like babies. Brody has been doing less and less of the dominating and they've been enjoying some well mannered playtime. I walked them both this morning together on my own and they did so well. I am working on teaching Henry the same commands as Brody on our walks. He's a smart guy.

Also- Henry WILL sit very well on command if all that excitement isn't distracting him. I worked on this last night with him BEFORE I would throw the ball and he would do an immediate sit (was a great motivation for him). He drinks water pretty funny...puts his entire face in the bowl and just as you said...drips a well of water through the house. Hee Hee. We are so happy to have him and are enjoying him very much. PS: in case you are wondering- we are keeping the name Henry. Poor guy has been through so much and we don't want to change anything else in his world...and it suits him very well!

Mabel and Trible

Mable and TribleMabel and Trible are two delightful ladies of a certain age who are very good at keeping each other company. Sadly, one day they found themselves in need of a new home, so they came to Safe Harbor to ask if we could help them find a home where they could remain together. We certainly couldn't resist this darling duo, so Mabel and Trible were soon happily hanging out in a foster home while they waited for their new family to find them. It wasn't long before they caught the attention of a wonderful woman named Laurie, who loves older dogs and wanted to give these nine-year-old girls a home where they could enjoy their golden years together. The gorgeous gals were soon packing up and hopping into their foster dad's car for the trip to their new life. When they arrived and met their forever mom, and then gazed around at the beautiful Pet Resort/Doggie Dude Ranch that Laurie runs, Ms. Mabel and Ms.Trible knew that they were very lucky ladies indeed, to have such a special place to call home.

Laurie tells us:

I lost 3 of my senior dogs to congestive heart failure, kidney failure and liver disease within 3 weeks of Christmas. I have a 15 year old Corgi/Dachshund mix and a 13 year old English Bulldog that are still kickin'. But the house was too quiet and I was missing my Lab the most. Slowly I started to look at the Lab rescue websites. I knew I wanted to find some senior dogs that would fit into my household. When I saw Mabel and Trible and read their story I knew they were the ones for me! I filled out the application and soon Joe, the foster dad, was bringing them out to my place. They did not seem to mind my two other dogs and soon they were walking around, sniffing their new surroundings. They settled in quickly.They already knew how to use my doggie door and go in and out on their own. They often sit on the front deck when the weather is nice. they love to chase the rabbits although they are pretty slow....Mabel is the outgoing one while Trible is more subdued. They love to sleep together on one of the many dog beds I have on the floor. I discovered that Mabel is a shoe thief. She likes to drag my shoes to the back deck or into her bed. She does not eat them...just carries them around. Both dogs love to come down to the south pasture to watch me feed my llamas. They both love the open space here and all of the smells.

Both girls have good manners and calm dispositions. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love and care for these old girls.

Thank you, Laurie, for opening your heart and home to these two beautiful souls and making sure that their later years are some of the very best years of their lives.


TobyThree-year-old Toby hit the jackpot when he was adopted by Darren and Audrey and their kids. His new mom tells us that this mellow, yellow fellow has quickly become an important part of their family, and of the extended neighborhood family as well.

Audrey sent us an update on their new boy:

We LOVE Toby! He is doing really well with our family. We have two boys who absolutely adore him. A few days after we brought him home, there was a small block party where Tony met most of the kids (including babies) and some dogs in the neighborhood. He was the sweetest boy to everyone. Toby loves running and walking with us. It took him a little while to get used to the comforts of home, but he now loves laying on his dog beds as well. He wants to please us and seems to be very happy to be part of our family. Both of our sons took pictures of themselves with Toby into their classes at school so they could talk about our new pet.

We decided to keep the name Toby, but we nicknamed him Toby-wan Kenobi since we are Star Wars fans.

What a wonderful dog! Thank you to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue.

Camo (formerly Packer)

CamoThe big, handsome, chocolate guy who joined Kirk and Kathie's family recently is lovable, four-year-old Camo. He's a sweet, cheerful boy who makes new friends wherever he goes, and he's definitely keeping his new parents on their toes with his never-ending young Lab energy and enthusiasm.

Kirk tells us:

Since picking up Camo we decided he looks more like Packer. Packer has become part of the family. He is certainly a character with lots of personality. He loves walks, runs, belly rubs and new toys. A new toy always becomes his favorite toy. Everyone who meets him, loves him. He seems to adjust his rambunctiousness whenever he is around older folks and little ones. Packer still seems to have a lot of puppy in him and he often has more energy than we do, even though we try to wear him out.

We are certainly happy that we adopted Packer and that he is a part of our family.

Leela (formerly Isabelle)

LeelaMarin adopted our beautiful,10-week-old black Lab puppy, Isabelle, who has settled right in and is busy growing like a weed.

Now known as Leela, this lucky pup gets to accompany her mom to work, where she puts in a full day playing with mom's coworker's dogs.

Leela will be attending puppy classes to work on overcoming a few bad habits, and will be well on her way to learning how to be a fine, upstanding Lab citizen who is sure to make her new family very proud.



BeanLisa and Ted and their black Lab, Augie, have welcomed an adorable chocolate Bean into their family. Bean is a gorgeous, sweet, four-year-old Lab girl who struggles with fear issues at times, but her new family is working very hard to help her gain the confidence and sense of security she needs to be completely comfortable in her own fur. Here are some excerpts from the update we received from Bean's new parents:

Bean is doing great here. She is very fearful, she doesn't like loud noises, and she is afraid of sudden movements. She needs to do things on her own terms to feel comfortable. We're doing what we can to let her know that this is her forever home and we are her forever family. We're spoiling her rotten!

We think Bean just needs a lot of time and a whole lot of love for her to understand that she is permanent here, that nothing/no one is going to "get her," and that she is loved. Our routine here has provided her stability and security because everything happens pretty much at the same time--feeding, walks, playtime, etc. We introduced her slowly to the routine and we've seen a lot of improvement. Augie has really helped her get comfortable here, too. She looks to him for guidance and security. They love playing together and he watches over her. We think she has a crush on him because she licks his mouth, she fusses over him, and she goes to him for love and security. It's so cute to see them together.

Bean is such a great dog. We are so in love with her. She's sweet and she's a real cuddler. We've been working on fattening her up a little bit at a time and she's gained 1.5 pounds. Her vet and his staff are nuts about Bean. Bean is normally afraid of strangers but she did great with the vet and his staff.

Bean's daily life consists of a lot of playtime, both with us and with Augie, 2-3 walks a day--there is a 35-acre park behind our home with walking trails that we take them on every day--deck time whenever it's warm, and nap time whenever they want it. When the warm weather comes, they will probably spend a lot of time out there, as they both like to nap on the deck and enjoy the breeze, plus they both like to look down at all the dog walkers and talk to all the dogs who pass by. Ted's mom lives in the town home 2 doors down from ours and she lets her dog, Sherwood, out on her deck, so all 3 dogs have conversations.

We think that given time, Bean will be a much more secure and less fearful dog. It just takes time and lots of love. Our goal is for Bean to be who she wants to be, to not be afraid, and to enjoy just being a dog. She's a very happy girl and we love her to death!


DukeThe Duke is excited to announce that he has happily settled into his forever home with his new mom, Kathryn, and Harold the Cat. Duke, a noble fellow of about nine years of age, tells us that he loves tennis balls, his new mom, and all of his new four-legged friends; and that he's thrilled to have found a wonderful home where he is always treated like royalty.

Kathryn writes:

Duke is a fabulous dog and I feel very fortunate that he found me through Safe Harbor. Our transition period has been pretty seamless! He is a "tennis ball-boy", always has one within his reach 24/7! In bed, in car & on walk.

Duke and Harold the cat have become buddies & Harold even lets Duke clean him up when needed. Duke's new BFF is Winnie the chocolate lab, (my mom's dog). Winnie and Duke spend almost everyday together, taking walks, chasing balls, lounging inside & out and generally enjoy life!

Maggie (formerly Jazzy)

MaggieLovely Jazzy has a new home, a new name, and a wonderful new daddy, Joshua. Now renamed Maggie, this 4ish-year-old blonde beauty is thriving in her new home where she is settling right in and soaking up all of the love and attention from her doting dad.

Joshua sent us an update on his new girl:

Maggie is settling in well. The last month has brought on some challenges for both of us as I haven’t been a doggie daddy in almost a decade so she’s been spending some of each day training me almost as much as I spend training her. I’m happy to report that she is slimming up nicely - and now has curves in all of the right places. I’m not sure where the scales are being tipped at right now because we haven’t had a vet visit yet and because when I bring the subject up with her she just politely reminds me that a gentleman never asks a lady her weight. LOL.

Her favorite part of the week (other than when I get home from work) is when we load up in the SUV and go for a ride; it doesn’t matter if it’s to visit her cousins (also Safe Harbor alum) at my aunts house or stop by and have play dates with some lab friends of ours.

As far as around the house, she has settled in and has learned to get around well considering her vision is nearly gone. My estimation is that she’s 80% blind already. She can play fetch and loves toys - soft or hard. Company?? She’s never never met a stranger that she didn’t love to lick to death. :-) Thank you and all of the volunteers for the wonderful work each of you do!

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