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Safe Harbor Lab Rescue successfully places about a dozen labs a month into loving homes. Adoptive families love to share their joyful experiences with us. Over 1,860 of those success stories are listed on the following pages. We'd like to thank these very special people for sharing their stories with us!

Buddy (formerly Mac)

MacYou can hear the pitter-patter of six happy little feet around Kim and Eric's house these days, now that 9-month-old Mac has joined SHLR alumna (and proud representative of the tripod Lab club), Abby, in this wonderful family. We caught up with Kim and Eric recently and they gave us this great report on how well their new pup is adjusting:

We changed Mac’s name to Buddy. For some reason, he just seemed like a Buddy, a pal, a longtime friend, so the same just fit. At first, Buddy didn’t know how to use the dog door or go down stairs. He had just had his front leg amputated a few weeks earlier and was still figuring things out in the getting around department as well. After a couple of days, he was bouncing around the house like he’d always lived with us. We hadn’t had a young dog like him ever before and were quite surprised at his very high energy level. We quickly realized that we needed to provide him with a lot of daily exercise, many chew toys, and a lot of stimulation (and also keep out of reach anything we didn’t want used as a chew toy). After several sessions with our dog trainer and quite a few orders for dog treats and toys (using Amazon Smile benefiting Safe Harbor, of course), we all settled in very well together.

Buddy is an extremely loving dog and so very curious. He lays right across my body or lays his head on my hip when he jumps on the bed in the morning, before curling up and going back to sleep. He often tilts his head the way dogs do and furrows his brow when he hears a sound he doesn’t understand. Sometimes I make howling noises just to see this adorable expression. We have learned that Buddy is a very silly dog, but also a quick learner. When our other tripod from Safe Harbor, Abby, is chewing on a toy that Buddy wants (and Buddy wants whatever toy Abby has), he stands in front of her and howls and barks until she gives it up. Abby is quite indulgent of her older brother and usually lets him have it after just a few minutes. He is doing very well on walks and responds to many commands. He has already learned many basic commands and is very attentive to us. His missing leg does not seem to bother him any longer, but he still does slip once in a while and flop over a bit. His favorite thing to do is to go on walks, or even better, to the dog park to play with other dogs. He loves to explore the park and smell everything he can get his nose on. He has grown a little bit since we’ve gotten him, and we have started calling him a Labrosaurus because he has such a giant head is so long and tall. When he stretches out, he can almost span our entire couch, paw to paw. We love Buddy and are so happy that we were lucky enough to find him.

Thank you, Kim and Eric, for showing these beautiful dogs how great life can be on three paws!


CooperAaron and Mary gave themselves the gift of 365 days a year of chocolate covered love this holiday season, and they made a three-year-old boy named Cooper's dreams come true. "I'm home for the holidays and forever after!!!", woofs our charming Cooper, "and every day with my new parents feels just like Christmas!"

Cooper's parents sent us an update on their beautiful new boy:

We are absolutely in love with Cooper! It's a match made in heaven. He is settling in just fine, he's not too fond of being alone but luckily it's not that often. He is so well trained and lives to please us, we are one very lucky family to have found such an amazing dog. His health and weight are coming along, the vet has no concerns about his Addison's Disease and the prognosis is a long and healthy life! Many thanks to the Safe Harbor Lab Rescue and to Cooper's Foster Dad, Dan for taking such good care of this sweet dog!

Doug (formerly Jeep)

DougEight-week-old Jeep found his forever home with Alison and Chris. His new parents have been enjoying watching their new little bundle of love as he continues on his journey through puppyhood and discovers all of the wonders that the world holds for curious and brave little puppy boys. Alison tell us:

Jeep, who we have named Doug, is doing great! Doug seems to have settled in to our new home pretty quickly. He loves to run around in the back yard and find sticks (sometimes they're bigger than he is!) to chew on. He is well on his way to being house trained; we've had very few accidents, which is amazing for such a young pup! Doug is very curious and is always sniffing out something in the house. He likes to play and rough house with Chris, which wears both of them out pretty quick, and they end up napping on the couch shortly thereafter. He's been a great eater and is growing up so fast! Doug is so very playful and energetic, but also loves to snuggle and give kisses; he is just perfect and we love him so much!

Milo (formerly Royce)

MiloLittle Royce has found the home of his puppy dreams with Kari and John, and their Lab, Paisley. Royce's new mom is a professional dog trainer so this little boy is sure to learn his ABC's in no time. Big sister Paisley will likely help with her new eight-week-old brother's schooling too, and will show him the ropes from a doggy point of view. Royce also likes to fit lots of snuggling and playtime into his busy schedule (in between naps), and he is loving being a part his fun and active new family.

Kari sent us an update on her new pup:

Milo and familyRoyce’s new name is Milo, and he is such a sweet puppy. His favorite thing to do is sleep, snuggle, and be held. He has been trying to ingratiate himself to our lab, a SHLR alumni, Paisley, and she is just starting to give him the time of day. He is potty trained, hasn’t chewed anything up, and his little short legs makes us laugh every day. It is clear he will not be a tall dog!

John is a firefighter with Littleton Fire Rescue, so I have done a ton of socialization at a few firestations. The guys love him, and he just hangs out and watches TV with them. Attached is a photo next to his dad’s fire helmet. He gets to play with John’s daughters when they come over (they are 14 and 17) and they spoil him rotten with kisses and hugs. He could literally snuggle and sleep in someone’s arms 24/7. He is learning to do the stairs, but his little legs make it a challenge, but he’s trying- he has the heart of a big dog, that’s for sure. He started puppy class and loves all the puppies…he bigger the better, unless they try and run him over, then he gives them ‘the what for’. He loves to eat and doesn’t turn down an opportunity for a bully stick. His favorite toy is a stuffed fuzzy rat that’s bigger than him.

We love him so much and look forward to spoiling him for the rest of his life!

Ollie (formerly Cash)

OllieThere are two Safe Harbor black beauties in Pat and Jim's family now that two-year-old Ollie has moved in. Ollie is a good little boy who's as sweet as they come, and he has quickly won over all of the members of his new family.

Pat tells us:

Sweet little Ollie, formerly known as "Cash" has completely stolen not only our hearts, but also Izzy's (we adopted her from SHL in 2009)!

He learned how to use the pet door right away, is very well-behaved on his leash, and he has quickly learned to sit when asked. He loves to play nonstop in the backyard with Izzy, and is quite the little cuddler with us (yes, even on the furniture and on the bed!). He and Izzy enjoy walks together on the trails in our neighborhood, and get quite a few compliments while they are out and about - they look almost identical, he is just a bit smaller for now. One of the many things we love about Ollie is his overall happy spirit and affection, he is just such a sweet, loving little boy. Thank you, thank you for sending him our way!!

The photo shows Izzy (left) and Ollie (right) on Ollie's first day in his new home.


Huck (formerly Tonka)

TonkaPuppy Tonka is home with his new mom, Katy, who tells us that this super cute eight-week-old pup is a champion sleeper.

Katy sent us an update on her new little bundle of joy:

Thanks for following up - we’re doing great. He’s been renamed “Huck" as in “Huck Finn" and he’s settling in like a champ (although my 14 and 15 year old dogs would probably beg to differ!). He’s pretty mellow - the picture attached is how you will find him about 18-20 hours/day. He likes sleeping so much that his 3:30 am trips outside are super quick (for which I am eternally grateful!). However, he’s very busy during the 4-6 hours he’s awake! I don’t really have any good stories yet since he’s mostly sleeping but he does enjoy playing with his brother Milo (was “Royce") at puppy class.

Huck is pictured showing off his sleeping skills while demonstrating how to fill the hole in a donut bed.


SamwiseSweet Samwise waited a long time for his perfect forever family to find him, but as soon as he met Amanda, Nicholas, and their son, Nathan, he knew that the wait had been well worth it. At ten-years-young, Sam can still keep up with the pups and enjoys his playtime as much as any young upstart. He is fitting in wonderfully with his new family who are enjoying his playful enthusiastic personality combined with the good house manners and settled nature of a mature Lab.

Sam's new family sent us this glowing report:

Sam is amazing. He is the happiest boy I have ever met. For a 10 year old pup, he's tireless. He loves to play with his toys and already "dispatched" his squeaky duck. He still carries around the koala bear he got when he was in foster care, his name is "Russell". He got to go to PetSmart and pick out a tennis ball. For the entire day Saturday, he did not put that ball down. He played all day. We finally had to put the ball to bed so Sam would do the same.

Sam is so well-behaved and has not had any accidents in the house. He loves to sit politely for his treat and will even do a trick or two. He loves to snuggle with his new little boy Nathan and sneaks naps in his bed when nobody is looking. He gives the most affectionate kisses.

Sam is Mom's shadow most of the time. He loves to be part of the Chef's crew in the kitchen and is content to supervise. He really loves his daily walk. We walk to the park to see what critters might have scampered through since his last visit. Sam loves his belly rubs. When he rolls on to his back he looks like he smiles when he gets his belly rubbed. He is content to sleep in mom's bed when she allows it. Sam is a good boy in the house while the family is out at work and school. He does a little happy dance when mom gets home. He's a great garage companion for Dad and helps out around the yard.

Thank you all again so much. We love our Sam Sam. :)

Bentley (formerly Sonic)

BentleyHi everyone, Sonic here. Guess what?! You're never gonna believe this, but I've got my own boy now! Yup, check us out in the photo below — we do make a handsome pair, if I do say so myself. He's really more like my big brother since I'm only 1 1/2 years old and he's much older and knows lots more stuff and helps our wonderful mom take care of me, but he is my best buddy ever. Well, maybe he's my co-best buddy because my new mom, Jeannie, is tons of fun too; so I guess I'll just say we're one big happy family and leave it at that. By the way, my name is Bentley now. Yup. Pretty cool, huh? Hang on, my mom wanted to say a few words about how great I am so I don't want to interrupt her. Woof ya later!

Jeannie sent us this update:

Hello! Sonic is doing amazing! We changed his name though: ( It's Bentley). He's such a great dog. He has some issues with anxiety/separation. It's getting better daily. He's such a huge part of my son and my life. He just fits us and we LOVE his personality. We've had him 1 month and we can't imagine our lives before him or without him now.:) We love him and are appreciative that we found him/you helped. Thank you, Jeannie & Luke :)


SirenMelody and Robert have added a four-legged kid to their family. The lucky little Lab who joined them is eight-month-old Siren, and this sweet girl just loves being one of the gang and taking part in all activities. Siren knows that being a family member comes with responsibilities and she has been very diligent about doing all of her chores, including making sure that her parents get a nice long walk each day, and helping her new two-legged kids get up in time for school.

Melody tells us that Siren is fitting in wonderfully:

Siren is doing great and we are just so happy to have her as part of our family. She's started doggie obedience classes with Carole from Peebody Dog Training (and she's doing fantastic work!). Siren likes to spend her time going on walks, playing ball, "jumping on the trampoline" (she really just stands under our trampoline and jumps, she thinks she's doing something and it's very funny), and napping on my feet under my desk.

She loves the kids (Ethan is 8 and Addison is 7) and wants to tuck them in at night, wake them up every morning, take them to school, pick them up and play whatever they are playing outside.

We got a dog door for Siren, and now she's very social. She stands at the split rail fence and visits the five neighbor dogs in the three yards around us (but luckily never jumps over!).

Thank you so much for all the work you do. We are just so happy with our new furry baby!

Remi (formerly Elipse)

RemiEclipse is a striking six-month-old Lab pup with a silky black coat and light amber eyes. When she found herself all alone with no familiar faces around, Eclipse was very unsure of herself and worried about what the future might hold. This little girl longed for a family to love her and help her find her way in this big, wide world. Then Eclipse met her new dad, Ed, and knew she was almost home. Sure enough, a short time later she breathed a huge sigh of relief as she took her place next to her new canine sibling in the back of Ed's car, and headed for home as part of the family.

Now known as Remi, she is settling in and gaining more confidence each day. Ed tells us:

Remi has adjusted well. Her and my Brittany bonded almost immediately and have become great playmates. Remi was a little scared of the doggie door but after a couple of days she got used to using it. She also really didn't know how to play with toys but she is overcoming that also. She loves to play fetch and run. She is also starting to put on some weight as when I got she was pretty thin. New things still make her nervous but we keep working on the things that do make nervous. I would say all in all she is adjusting to our home.


TannerErin and Jon adopted a beautiful blonde six-month-old Lab boy named Tanner, and recently sent a note to let us know how very well their clever pup is adapting to his new home and the mountain life. "Tanner is doing fantastic and he’s really settled in at our home. He’s a smart boy and is learning things very quickly", his new parents say.

Tanner, being a very friendly guy with lots to say, also sent along a letter to fill us in on life with his terrific new family:

I'm Tanner! I love everything and everybody!

It's been about a month now and I'm really settling in at my forever home. I've done a great job transitioning from a city dog, always wanting to 'go potty' on perfectly manicured squares of green grass. My people say I'm a 'mountain dog' now, which I am pretty sure is a good thing. Especially the part of being a mountain dog where there are tons of chipmunks at my new house!

I've gotten lots of fun new things like a Kong that gets filled with peanut butter, man I love that thing. Mom told me to spread the word that she buys most of my doggy stuff from Amazon Smile so we can donate to SHLR just by buying me all the things I need!

They take me on these things called 'hikes' where there's tons of good stuff to sniff and lots of mud puddles to splash in. Last week I got to see this stuff mom and dad kept telling me was 'snow.' That stuff is incredible! Have you checked it out? It is so fun to romp in and eat!

Mom and Dad also take me to the doggy park where I meet lots of new friends to play with. They say it's a good time to get all the 'crazy' out. My favorite doggy park has a kiddie pool where I can blow bubbles out of my nose and eat them!

I’m a giant cuddle bug and forget that I’m not a little lap dog, but I love the time I get to share the bed and the couch. Mom and Dad say I’m a spoiled dog but I’d say I’m just well taken care of.

My manners are really improving too! I know how to sit, lay down, shake, 'leave it', come, wait, and everybody's new favorite, I can high five!

I love to sleep like superman on my back, mostly because I'm dreaming of the next amazing adventure mom and dad will take me on. You can follow me and my adventures on Instagram @snowmasstan.

I love my forever home, thanks Safe Harbor Lab Rescue!


GracieKristen and Mark have added lovely eight-month-old Gracie to their family. Gracie is a lively, energetic youngster who hadn't received much training during her early puppyhood. After arriving at SHLR she spent some time at a professional training facility where she was able to start catching up on her lessons before joining a new family. Kristen and Mark are continuing her training and working hard to help their sweet new girl reach her full potential. With the love, patience, and dedication of her new parents, this charming pup has a bright future ahead as she work towards becoming a well-mannered, upstanding Lab citizen.

Gracie's new parents tell us:

Gracie is doing well she is very much a character! And still a work in progress with training. She loves to go on long walks and is great on her leash! She is also learning to run with us on her leash and hops like a deer at times when she runs. She has also learned not sure where to play dead when she doesn't want to do something or go somewhere. She also likes to go to bed early at night.

We still are working on our manners with meeting new people, dogs and our black lab Scout. She is very curious about new things and sounds and likes to watch the ducks and geese at the park. She also loves her kong's and nylebones. We will continue to work with the trainers at Terroux.

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