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Safe Harbor Lab Rescue successfully places about a dozen labs a month into loving homes. Adoptive families love to share their joyful experiences with us. Over 1,920 of those success stories are listed on the following pages. We'd like to thank these very special people for sharing their stories with us!


MochaWhen seven-year-old Mocha found herself in need of a new home she decided to make the long trek to Safe Harbor. She had heard about all of the wonderful Lab-loving people who come here looking for Labs of all colors, shapes and sizes, young and old or in-between; and she thought that one of these great folks must surely be looking for a very special chocolate girl with silver sprinkles on her muzzle and lots of Lab love in her heart. Sure enough, it wasn't long before a great guy named Chris came along and asked this lovely girl if she would like to join his family, and Mocha knew that she was almost home.

Mocha's new dad tells us:

Mocha is doing very well. She is a champ with her training and loves to go on long walks. She is great on the leash. Very well behaved at home, with other dogs and people. She has been going everywhere with me as part of her socialization training. She wins the heart of everyone she meets. She is a sweet dog and a great companion. Thank you so much for introducing me to her.

Cooper (formerly Buddy)

CooperBuddy is now known as Cooper, and he's home forever and living his happily-ever-after with his new parents, Carol and Pete, who filled us in on life with their new pup:

This precious 14 month old Lab came to live with us in his forever home on Valentine’s Day. This was the perfect day to adopt this lover of a Lab! Cooper settled right in with us on our ride to his new home. We walked him home from a block away so he could sniff out his new neighborhood. Then we spent the next hour or so gently introducing him to his new home room by room. He seemed right at home soon after we arrived and took a nap in a sunbeam on his soft doggy bed.

Over the next few days we provided him with structure and lots of love combined with long walks in the forest behind our home. He quickly realized that this new home and family provide him with fun adventures and he bonded with us amazingly fast. In fact we commented after three days that it seemed like we had Cooper from a pup. He quickly learned to stay off furniture and to obey other house rules. He was not familiar with a crate but after a gentle introduction he now goes into his crate to rest. He is learning that this is his place when we must leave him home alone for short periods of time. He is a quick learner and very attentive and smart. In less than a week he knew sit, shake hands, down and go to place! Our vet was quite surprised that he had learned all of that in a short time. Cooper loves to please. He also picked right up on retrieve and gently brings back his favorite toys, a squeaky ball and a stuffed fish!

He is making great progress with walking in a follow position on a slack leash. We noticed his interest in birds and believe he is a mix with a hunting breed. Our vet agreed with us and our investigation; that he has Vizsla characteristics as well. He will point at birds in the yard and on our walks. He has a keen sense of smell and retrieves with a soft mouth and gentle placing of the object in our laps. He also takes treats with a gentle mouth. We are working with Cooper on his over excitement when approached by other dogs while on a leash. This is the only area that we noticed he needs some professional training which we are pursuing. We are confident that with some guidance by a trainer this fear reaction will resolve. He is already much less reactive to barking dogs in our neighborhood. He had some excitement to strangers, but that has quickly resolved and he has calmly greeted visitors to our home. He went into a bank with us and stood up at the teller window to get a doggy treat. He loves our dog friendly mountain town and we are sure he hopes we go to the bank often with him!

We are very blessed by this sweet spirited Lab and know we will make many joyful memories with Cooper. Thank you Safe Harbor for all you do to rescue these loveable Labs!


PearlBob and Sue and their Pug, Professor, recently welcomed a beautiful girl named Pearl into their family. A lovely blonde with big, brown eyes; eight-year-old Pearl is a friend to all she meets. Pearl is a happy girl who enjoys being out and about showing off her new parents, or just hanging out at home keeping the couches warm.

Sue and Bob tell us:

Pearl has been an absolute sweetheart since day one. She loves walks and riding in the car. She is great in the house and is so happy to see us when we get home from work. She is so comfortable in our home, she goes from couch to couch to lounge. She is great with our pug and gets along great with our sons lab Rooster. In just one week she has brought us a lifetime of joy. We look forward to taking her on our first family vacation. We are so grateful to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for Pearl and everyone's help.


MacyFive-year-old Macy found her forever home with Arlene and Jim, and this lovely lady Lab quickly made herself right at home, as Macy's new mom tells us:

Macy has been a member of our family for a month, but it seems like she has been ours forever. She is a total love. She loves to cuddle and has wonderful manners. Macy so wants to go up every snowbank to search for squirrels. She watches out the windows hoping one will come by. She is a waggy welcome mat for all who enter, yet she barks to let me know if there is a car in the driveway. Just one “woof”. She has gone to the dog park, and plays well with every dog there. I took her to Doggie Daycare so she could make some new friends. They said she was just a love, and hopes she comes back very soon. Riding in the car is a fav, and she has fun going on errands around town. Her tail wags all the time, and almost wags off when she meets new people or dogs. She sleeps in her own bed in our bedroom (but it is so,hard not to invite her up on our bed) and waits until we get up to get out of her bed. She is just so right for us, and we love her to bits

I am so grateful to Sherri for her help in bringing Macy to us, and for Kathy who fostered her. She just makes us so happy.


GeorgiaAfter ten years of practice, Gorgeous Georgia has perfected the art of being a Lab. An instant friend to everyone she meets, Georgia is a lovely girl with puppy-soft fur and a happy, wonderfully good-natured disposition. When Kent and Theresa met Georgia it was love at first sight all around and they decided that they would love to adopt her. The only hurdle was making sure that she could live peaceably with the feline member of the family; and after meeting Mr. Kitty and convincing him that she would be an agreeable housemate, Georgia knew that she was home to stay.

Georgia's new parents write:

After having her just over a month, Georgia is doing so so so good with us. We love her so very much! She is PERFECT and amazing. She and Kitty have adjusted very nicely together. It only took Kitty about 3 to 4 hours to get used to her to where he would stay in the same room as her. Every morning Kitty waits for us to get to the bottom of the stairs where he and Georgia touch noses and greet each other good morning. They sit side by side in the kitchen every morning waiting to be fed.

We took her to the vet last week for a nail trim and meet and greet. The vet loves her too. She suggested we take her for short 10 to 15 minute walks every day to keep her 10 year old muscles up to par. She said Georgia has perfect teeth and a perfect disposition.

We feel very blessed and very lucky to have her as part of our family. Thank you again for finding her for us. We could not have asked for a more perfect girl.


BenBig, Gentle Ben is as sweet a dog as you'll ever be lucky enough to meet. This happy, six-year-old boy had been well loved and cared for all of his life, but due to a change in circumstances he found himself in need of a new home; so he came to Safe Harbor to look for a loving family to spend the rest of his forever with. When Ron and Tina came to meet him at his foster home, Ben fell in love with them instantly and turned on all of his considerable charm, (even showing off his newly acquired retrieving skills), to make sure that they didn't leave without him. It wasn't long before he convinced them that he should be a part of their family, and Ben was soon following his new parents out to the car and eagerly joining them for the ride home.

Ron and Tina tell us:

We are so thankful to have Ben in our home. He is a wonderful, polite big boy that gives us so much love and joy. He adores walking everyday all around the neighborhood on the dirt roads and has lost seven pounds, so the vet is happy. We have kept his name as he has been through so much all ready. Thank you again for bringing Ben into our lives. We love him dearly.

Chet (formerly Rocky)

ChetGorgeous, ninth-month-old Rocky has found his forever home with Jeff and Deanna, and these three couldn't be happier! Rocky is thriving with all of the love, attention, and training he is getting from his parents, and they are enjoying all of the fun and companionship that comes with having a Lab in your life. Jeff sent us an update on their new big pup:

Rocky is now Chet. We named him after Chet (the reindeer in training) in the movie Santa Clause 2. He runs goofy and crazy just like the Chet in the movie. Chet has those uncoordinated puppy legs and body and is just a goofball. He has a LOT of energy but loves to burn it off playing ball (go figure, a lab that loves to play ball)! But, his favorite thing to do is go for walks.

Chet was pretty confused for the first few weeks because he went from his first family, to the vet for neutering, then to a day care that works with Safe Harbor, then to us. He really was confused and very unsure. He is such a lover. He lays on us and he’s an 80lb lap dog. He constantly lays on his back and loves his belly rubbed.

We have ensured him that we’re gonna take care of him, spoil him, and treat him as one of the family. He is settling into a routine now and we think he has finally realized that this IS his forever home and that he is going to be loved and taken care of like a family member. He gets lots of attention, hugs and kisses, all the belly rubbing he wants and even the occasional starbucks (puppachino). There’s nothing like coming home to those wonderful brown eyes and a big wagging tail, followed by hugs and kisses.

Chet is now in week 3 of training and is learning quickly. He has even learned to ring a set of sleigh bells on the back door when he needs to go potty and we’re working on learning to bring in the paper. Chet is a wonderful addition to our family and everyone at Safe Harbor has been super helpful and wonderful to work with. We can’t say thanks enough for the joy you’ve brought us.


GracieTen-year-old Gracie is quite the character, and she's having the time of her life with her new mom, Megan. Gracie is a joyful, funny girl who loves walks, car rides, and just watching the world go by. Miss Gracie is also a bit of a princess who always picks the most comfortable couch when it's time to catch up on her beauty sleep, and has made it clear that while plain dog treats may be fine for the ruff-raff, she has a more sophisticated palate and requires finer fare.

Megan writes:

Gracie is doing great. She seems to be thriving in her new home with all the couches and the beds. When we are out walking she'll randomly leap into the air and then continue walking, it's the funniest thing. One of her favorite things to do is sit in front of the window and watch what's going on outside-she did this at her foster home too. Her favorite place to sleep is on the couch. She gets so excited to ride around in the car! Every time she hears me use the turn signal she thinks we're getting out of the car- she begins whining in excitement and jumping all over the car! We've been experimenting with treats and she refuses to eat anything unless it contains meat, cheese or peanut butter. I will give her a dog treat only to have her take a sniff and walk away. She's the sweetest dog. When we go to sleep at night she makes sure to always have her paw or her head laying on me.

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