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Safe Harbor Lab Rescue successfully places about a dozen labs a month into loving homes. Adoptive families love to share their joyful experiences with us. Over 1,900 of those success stories are listed on the following pages. We'd like to thank these very special people for sharing their stories with us!

Steve (formerly Rex)

Steve"Happy" is one-year-old Rex's theme song! With his friendly smile and loving disposition, Rex is wagging his way through life in his new home with Craig and Renae. Whether at home or at work, this cheerful boy greets every new day with puppy joy and every new friend with open paws.

Rex's new dad sent us an update on their delightful new family member:

Rex, who is now "Steve," has really settled in as one of the family and we all couldn't be happier! He is so smart, and so affectionate, and at times just so GOOFY - we couldn't have asked for a better dog. He follows me to work every day, and loves being an office dog. He takes his job of greeting visitors very seriously, and does a very thorough job of it! He just loves everyone he meets, and the feeling is mutual. He loves his oversized yard, and likes to go for "power runs" several times a day. Not being the most graceful beast, it is endlessly entertaining to watch him tuck his tail underneath him, drop his snout in determination, and gallop through the trees. All the while his tail is wagging the rest of his body, his tongue is hanging out, and I could swear he is smiling with unabashed joy.

A family member adopted another yellow lab, whom I believe was found along with Steve somewhere in Utah. Once both dogs were settled and healed up from the surgeries, we were able to reunite them. It became obvious immediately that they remembered each other fondly. They love being together, so we try to schedule play dates whenever we can. :)

We are so thankful that a) you were able to rescue Steve, and b) that we found him. Thank you!

Bella (formerly Isabelle)

BellaLovely, two-year-old Isabelle, aka Bella, is home and loving life with her new parents, Sam and Donna. Being a very sweet and thoughtful little Lab girl, Bella sent an update to her foster mom the day after she arrived at her forever home:

Hi! I got Sam's phone, so I wanted to send you a note before he discovers I have it. A little strange ride last night through new territory, so I relaxed on the bed they had in the car. We parked & Sam hooked the lead on my collar & let me check out smells in the front yard before taking me inside. I didn't have any problem with the stairs. I also checked out the doggie door to the garage & the one that went to the back yard. After they fed me I had a big drink, then played tug-of-war with Sam while Donna made their meal.

They then took me for a walk. In my exploring the backyard, I did find a ball that I took inside to teach them how to play ball with me. Bedtime, I checked out a bed they had on the floor. I even moved it some. But Donna got into the big bed while Sam brushed his teeth. When he came to bed, I had my spot on the big bed next to Donna. I let them have half the bed the first night.

Early breakfast, then Sam took me out & got the paper. That seemed silly. Why did he take me out for that? As he was getting dressed, he told me I had to stay home to take care of Donna. I threw the rope on his feet & he played tug-of-war for a little, but he finished getting dressed. Looks like he is ready to go to work, so I better close & let him have his phone.

Sam and Donna report that things are going very well with their new girl. She has mastered the art of walking nicely on a leash with the help of an Easy Walk Harness, and is enrolled in a obedience course where this clever girl is quickly learning her ABCs (with the patient assistance of her parents who have been diligently helping her with her homework). It's definitely not all work and no play for young Bella, who thoroughly enjoys daily walks with her parents as well as trips to the dog park where she is quite the social butterfly, meeting and making many new two and four-legged friends as she runs about and helps chase the tennis balls. At home, Bella is a very good girl who has impressed her new parents with how well she has settled right in and become a part of the family.


BuckThe best gifts don't always come in small packages. Just before Christmas, John and his family gave themselves the gift of endless love and companionship when they adopted a very special Lab named Buck. In return, Buck has received the greatest gift a dog can ever hope for — a family who adores him and will love and care for him forever after.

We recently received this wonderful update from Buck's doting dad:

Santa came one week early and delivered Big Buck to our home. This four year old phenom is a gorgeous yellow lab with a strikingly white coat. He is absolutely perfect in every way. He loves to go for long walks and makes new friends along the way. Squirrels and rabbits beware but don’t worry he hasn’t caught one of you yet!

Buck is happiest when he is at Dad’s side (which is often) but he also loves spending time with Jack and Lexi. He seems to really like Lexi’s Rockies’ blanket and isn’t shy about shedding hair everywhere! That’s ok, he is worth the extra vacuuming. He appreciates having a tennis ball to chase (not quite ready for Wimbledon just yet) and loves his Kong. Buck’s wardrobe was recently upgraded to include a Colorado Avalanche dog tag.

Lexi and Jack are keeping a special eye on him to make sure that he doesn’t get off the leash and accidentally returned to the Avalanche (even though he would get along great with Bernie, the Avs Mascot). The kiddos refer to him as Big Belly Rub Buck. There is an ongoing debate as to who is luckier, Buck or Us, but we know that we all are very lucky to have each other.


GracieMiss Gracie is an adorable 1 1/2-year-old Lab with a glossy black coat and a sweet puppy face. Gracie and her lovely new Lab sister, Addison, make quite the pair whether they're out and about with their parents, Chris and Caitlin, or sitting at attention for a treat. We caught up with Gracie's new family recently and they tell us that this good girl is fitting right in:

Gracie's doing great. She's settling in as the resident goofball and instigator when it comes to wrestling with our 7 year-old yellow lab, Addison. The dogs have become nearly inseparable at this point and they love exploring the yard, hiking, playing, and (of course) lounging together. Gracie has found her way into our hearts as well with a sweet disposition, unending playfulness, and insatiable desire to learn and please. Gracie's training needed quite a bit of work when she came to us but I'm confident we're rapidly nearing the point when we she can enjoy off-leash hiking and snowshoeing with us. She's a part of the family now and will be forever.

Thanks for all you do for these wonderful pups.

Ellie (formerly Penny)

ElliePenny, now known as Ellie, is a gorgeous one-year-old yellow Lab with a pearly smile and coat so white that it's hard to spot her on a snowy day. She has found her forever home with Pat and Cindy, who say that their new little girl "is doing phenomenal." It sounds as if this lucky Lab's new year is off to a great start, as Pat tells us:

She is completely house broken (only three small mistakes in the house since we got her on 31 Dec). Had her out for her first hunting trip and she is a natural hunter. She also loves to play ball. She'd play ball all day long if we'd let her.

She is awesome. Has the the roam of the house when we're gone for a few hours and does great. Gets along great with other dogs. Cindy's brother adopted what appears to be Penny's brother from Safe Harbor…another white lab. They love each other like they're siblings.

We love her…she is our little rainbow from heaven.

Callie (formerly Dixie)

CallieThere's a new pup at Kathleen and Steve's house and her name is Callie (formerly Dixie). Callie is nine-months-old and full of youthful energy and enthusiasm, but she's a very sweet girl and is getting along well with her new 12 1/2-year-old Lab sister, Tess. Although Callie's still just a youngster with a lot yet to learn, her new family hopes to train her to one day follow in big sister Tess' pawsteps and become a therapy dog.

After Callie joined the family, Kathleen sent a note to Callie's wonderful former foster parents to let them know how well she is doing in her forever home. Here are some excerpts:

She is adjusting very nicely to our house. Her favorite part of our house are the low windows and glass door in the kitchen. She spends a lot of time looking out at the mountain. She was fascinated when she spotted a deer just up the mountain from the kitchen You'll see her at attention and looking out the window at the deer.

Callie is very affectionate and enjoys resting her face on our leg or wrist while we pet her. She was right at Steve's feet while he read the newspapers this morning in the family room. Tess is enjoying the company; but knows to leave when she has had enough of that "new dog" smelling her.

Callie loves to play ball. If there are no takers to toss the ball for her, she tosses and plays by herself.
Today, I took her for a walk to see how she would do on a leash. I was delighted to find she fell into a nice heel after a few reminders. She sits beautifully... so, it is possible she had been to puppy training. From a sitting position, she doesn't have the "down" command but we have all the time in the world to get that. I was very amazed when giving her treats what a "soft mouth" she has.... I think Callie is a quick learner too.

We are very happy with our new little girl, Callie. She has stolen our hearts.


HarveyFour-year-old Harvey is quite the character, and this sweet, happy-go-lucky, big chocolate guy is fitting right in with his new family and giving his parents, Shannon and Joe, lots of love and some good laughs every day.

Shannon sent us this great update on handsome Harvey's latest adventures:

All is well in lab land. Nilla and Harvey are in love with each other and we are in love with Harvey! It feels like he has always been a part of the family. Harvey was a bit of a chunky-monkey when he came home, but I swear he has already lost 4-5 pounds with his daily walks around Crown Hill and by playing all day with his new sister Nilla. We can't wait to weigh him at the vet. An interesting Harvey fact, for some indecipherable reason Harvey enjoys napping right in the middle of the dining room table! We have caught him sleeping on it twice, so although we think it is secretly kind of cute (and strange), we now put chairs up when we leave to curtail his quirky napping preferences.

Harvey has also made cuddle buddies with our 18 year old cat Emma and, although we were a little worried about his possible penchant for our flock of chickens, he hasn't gone after them at all. In fact, the first time Harvey met the birds all 16 of them ran up to him and he was so taken aback, he turned around and ran right back in the house. He has discovered that there are often eggs in the coop. This didn't surprise us because our former chocolate lab was an egg burglar, so we have re-instituted the baby-gate with a chicken-only sized gap.

Harvey is the sweetest, funniest, spunkiest, best dog-child ever. It was so meant to be! I have attached some recent pictures of Harvey living it up on his new farm!

Shannon, Joe, Nilla, Emma, and the 16 chickens


MollyMolly arrived at the home of longtime Safe Harbor volunteers and super-fosters, Sue, Joe, and Dixie; and immediately realized that she had landed in Lab paradise. She quickly decided that she wanted to adopt this wonderful family as her own and take care of them forever. Being a girl of considerable charms, Molly was soon able to convince them that they all belonged together — and they are now a happy family of four!

Sue tells us:

Well, it was love at first sight when Joe met our 57th foster dog Molly at Alameda East. This beautiful 18 mo. old black Lab with a large head and adoring brown eyes captured our hearts from day one. Her sweet low key mannerisms clinched the deal. After recovering from numerous health issues during her first month with us, we are truly amazed by her still mellow temperament.

Her 9 year old Lab sister Dixie is a Safe Harbor alum (our first foster) and thinks that Molly is pretty keen. They go almost everywhere in tandem. After they have been outside, one won’t come in until the other one does. They really watch out for one another. When Molly got her Christmas moose toy from Santa, she was so proud of it and loved carrying it around the house and continues to be so gentle with it and all the other stuffed toys. Molly does, however, have one vice—squirrels and rabbits! We are working on learning how to stay in control on our walks or not jump over the fence when those little rascals pop up. Otherwise, she seems very happy and content to be with us and participating in our everyday household activity.

She is such a love and has totally added another element of Lab joy to our household.

Stella (formerly Lily)

Stella"You never know where or when you'll meet your new family, so always put your best paw forward and just be your loveable Lab self!," little Lily sagely advises all of her four-legged friends who are still waiting for their new families to find them. A chance encounter with her new dad, Ron, led to the home of her dreams for this charming little six-month-old pup, and she's happily living the forever after.

Ron writes:

Lily (now Stella) has been an amazing addition to the family. After my previous black lab died, my standard poodle, Rio, was in mourning, almost as much as myself. After a period of time I decided it was time to bring a new friend into our lives. I met Stella at the vet's when I was picking up Rio after he had had surgery. The volunteer with Safe Harbor had brought her in for her initial check up after being brought from Oklahoma. As soon as I saw her, I fell in love with her bright brown eyes and her beautiful spirit. When the volunteer told me she was available for adoption, I went home, filled out the adoption paperwork, and the rest is history.

Coming into the home she has been a little rough around the edges, but then again, she's a puppy. She's very intelligent and has been learning pretty easily. The best part is how well she gets along with Rio. The two of them play constantly and I can see that Rio is coming out of his funk. I tell Stella everyday that she's not going anywhere, and I think she's starting to believe that she is now in her forever home.

Raz (formerly Logan)

RazTwo-year-old Logan is a beautiful, tall, slim, young boy who is all legs and Lab love. He's having the time of his life in his new home with Kelsey and Alex, and is taking every opportunity to stretch those long legs, whether it's racing around with his new canine sister, taking a walk with his parents, or trying to climb into any "available" lap for a snuggle.

Logan's new family sent us an update on their sweet, energetic boy:

Logan, or "Raz" as he is now named, is doing great. He gets along very well with his big sister, who is also a black lab mix, and he loves to cuddle. You cannot sit down anywhere in the house without him following you and trying to sit on your lap. At 67lbs, he thinks he can do that with no problem!

He's still skinny and we're trying to fatten him up, but both dogs get a lot of exercise playing the in yard together. The only thing we need to break him of is the chewing. We don't leave anything of value in his midst, but while we're gone, both dogs have access to the outdoors through the mudroom (storage, tool area, etc). He likes to take the paint cloths and distribute them around the room as well as anything else he can get his mouth on. We learned quickly that shoes cannot be left in there, but overall it is mostly toys that he shreds to oblivion! We tend to come home to a room full of fabric and stuffing. We're finding different indestructible toys for him to have! We love him and he fits into the family quite well.

He's a great dog and we're happy to have him.

Ginger Marie

Ginger MarieGot Pugs? Ginger Marie has pugs and parents and more in her new forever home! At eleven-years-young, Ginger Marie is very excited to be beginning this next, great chapter of her life, and is thrilled that Sabrina and Wayne chose her to be a part of their wonderful family. Ginger Marie's future will now be filled with all the love and companionship that this sweet Lab girl deserves.

Sabrina tells us:

GM is doing great! Settled in nicely with her mastiff, pug and bulldog siblings. Loves to play ball! Total daddy's girl! Daddy been sick so she has been cuddling with him. Not leaving his side. Taking her to the vet tomorrow. Think she might have a bladder infection. But other then that she is awesome! So glad we adopted her. Seniors rock!

Boots (formerly George)

BootsGeorge is now Boots, and he's on the ground and off and running! Boots is making great strides in his wonderful new home with Stuart and Mary's family, as his new dad tells us:

Boots was a Hanukkah/Christmas surprise for the family. My son, Noah and I schemed and worked behind the family’s backs to find Boots and bring him home. It was a beautiful surprise that left my wife and one daughter with tears of joy. It was serendipitously 6 months to the day that we sadly had to put down our last dog.

Eight month old Boots has made himself right at home in the Parker household. Though he was abandoned as a pup in the wilderness, he has quickly discovered the joys of being spoiled in the great indoors. We’re still working on trust issues. He has his skittish moments, but we are really beginning to see the excitable, fun loving puppy that he is. Life with Boots started out a bit like Groundhog Day with each day starting with Boots afraid of us and his own shadow and slowly warming up. It’s only been a week, but he has completely attached himself to my wife, Mary.

We have all fallen in love with Boots. We can all see the dog and great member of the family that he will become, once we can help him grow out of his fears from his early abandonment. He loves the dog park and playing with other dogs. He may from Okie, but he absolutely loves playing in the Colorado snow.

We are just getting to the point where we can begin to start some training. It seems that it won’t be too hard. Boots already loves to please. Although, teaching him where he can/can’t sleep may prove to be challenging. It’s amazing that for a smaller dog he can take up as much room as he does. There’s no curling up with Boots. He’s all about being completely stretched out.

We are so grateful for Safe Harbor Lab Rescue and all they did to rescue and save Boots. We feel so lucky to have our Boots in our home.

Cheyenne (formerly Leisel)

CheyenneMary and her mother, Helen, have doubled their Safe Harbor Lab fun with the addition of gorgeous, seven-year-old Leisel. Leisel was pretty excited to learn that not only was she getting a family of her own, but she was also getting a new name to start her fabulous new life with. Now happily answering to the name "Cheyenne", she is experiencing the joys of family life, and slowly learning the art of dog play from her new beautiful, blonde sister, Bella.

Mary sent us an update soon after Cheyenne moved in with the family:

We have only had her 1 week tomorrow, but she and our first rescue Lab, Bella (got her Aug 1 of this year), are doing great together. She loves playing in the snow, and is learning to use the doggy door. She and Bella sleep on pillows in my bedroom, and my kitty does well because Cheyenne essentially ignores him. She doesn’t quite know what to do with toys yet, but Bella is sure working on teaching her to play! She does very well on leash when we go out of the yard, and is a very good eater. Her foster family fed her outside, but she now eats just a couple of feet from Bella, and does well. We are looking into what if anything can be done with her eyes to make her more comfortable- they look much better with regular cleaning. She has such a wonderful conformation when standing- you would think she was a show dog!

Thank you all for the opportunity for us to give such a sweet dog her forever home.

Kobe (formerly Sebastian)

KobeAn adorable, chunky pup named Sebastion packed up his food bowl, lots of puppy love and kisses, and the pitter-patter of giant puppy paws and brought them all with him when he moved in with his new family, which includes his parents, Hilary and Todd, human sister Payten, and Lab sister, Sadie. "This is the best move I've ever made, and I know I'm here to stay", woofed this very good boy when we asked him how he liked his new home.

Sebastian's new family filled us in on a few more details:

Sebastian has been re-named Kobe. And I have to say, he is just absolutely the perfect puppy!! We are so lucky to have found him!

At almost 5 months old, it's unbelievable how laid-back and well-behaved he is. Thanks to his foster Mom, he came to us already knowing how to ask when he needs to go outside. He only had a couple of accidents the first couple days he was with us, and has had ZERO since. He's pretty good on the leash already and really doesn't jump up on people all that much. He is amazing in the car- he just lays down and sleeps the entire ride. And he just learns so fast- he's a very smart puppy!

Kobe is still teething, so we do have to keep our eye on him constantly, as he has taken a liking to my slippers (and various other things, including our hands and feet). He gets adorable little spurts of puppy energy but mostly enjoys snuggling- he thinks he is a lap dog, and that will get pretty interesting once he gets to full size. And I think he will be a really big dog. His paws are enormous and in the few weeks we've had him, he's already gotten a lot bigger. He's already as tall as his 12 year-old lab sister, Sadie!

Kobe absolutely loves the snow. I'm not sure if he had seen any yet before we adopted him, but he went crazy the first time it snowed! He loves running laps around the back yard and burying his face in the snow. We have a hard time getting him to come back in the house sometimes. :)

A big thank you to everyone at Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for letting us adopt this sweet boy! We feel like we hit the lab jackpot!


RossiAfter a lifetime of being a momma dog, eight-year-old Rossi had a dream of being part of a loving family of her own. She confided in Safe Harbor that she preferred a quiet home, and while she waited she worked hard losing some of the extra weight she needed to lose.

All that patience paid off when two days before Christmas she met her new family - Brenda, David (not pictured) and their three grown children who were home for the holidays, Mitch, Meghan and Matt. Also part of the family is 12 year old yellow lab, Norma, who was a bit camera shy.

Rossi was very excited to explore her new home and yard and on Christmas morning was especially happy to see a present for her under the tree. We wish for many more happy Christmases for her.

Sadie (formerly Lotus)

SadiePuppy Lotus found her forever home Lisa and Brandon, and they recently sent us a note to let us know how their adorable little bundle of puppy joy is doing:

Lotus who we named Sadie is doing fabulous. We could not have asked for a better dog and more perfect for us. She is loving, sociable, learns quickly and such a cuddler! She is doing wonderful in her training and we couldn't be happier to have her as part of our family. She has made great friends with my in-laws dog and loves chasing her around the yard. She also loves the snow and chasing the squirrels in our back yard. When we take her places she loves meeting new people and other dogs, She even seems offended if they don't want to say hello :) Let me know if you would like to know any more about our sweet Sadie. I could talk about her a lot!

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