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Safe Harbor Lab Rescue successfully places about a dozen labs a month into loving homes. Adoptive families love to share their joyful experiences with us. Over 1,800 of those success stories are listed on the following pages. We'd like to thank these very special people for sharing their stories with us!

Wilson (formerly Fudge)

WilsonMegan and Brian doubled their chocolate fun when they adopted big, loveable, three-year-old Fudge.

Fudge is having the time of his life being a part of this family and a whole new world has opened up for him.

Fudge's new parents write:

Fudge (now named Wilson) is doing great in his new home! When we first brought him home, it was pretty clear to us that he'd never spent much time in a house. He seemed unsure of furniture, TVs and other household noises. Since then he's made himself quite comfortable, even learning to lounge on the couch! He's remarkably well-behaved and does wonderfully on a leash.

The vet said he checked out great, besides needing to gained about ten pounds!  A task that Wilson is definitely up for. He is getting along great with sister chocolate lab Avery. She's teaching him all about toys and how to play, which he didn't really understand for the first few days. Tennis balls are now his favorite! When we gave him his first tennis ball he spent at least fourty-five minutes playing with it by himself, rolling around on the carpet. We brought the dogs up to our vacation home in the mountains and they had a blast running around in "doggie heaven" as we call it. Thanks so much for bringing us Wilson. He's a great addition to our family and we couldn't imagine why someone would give this sweet boy up!

Fudge nka Wilson (on the right) and his new sister Avery are pictured showing off their very good sits and their chocolate charms. It's unknown whether there was a cookie involved in this photo shoot.

Stella (formerly Petula)

StellaA cheerful little one-year-old pup named Petula recently joined Stephanie's family, and it sounds as if this was a match made in doggy heaven. Petula, now known as Stella, is getting all the love, attention, (and toys), that any little Lab girl could want and she's making sure that her family always knows how happy she is to be with them.

Stephanie sent us an update on their new girl:

Petula is doing wonderful! My kids and I renamed her "Stella."

Stella is super affectionate and loves to be right in your lap whenever the opportunity presents itself which is pretty often. She loves to nap snuggled up right next to you and will never turn down a belly rub. She has loved having her very own toys and toy box to keep her growing collection of toys and loves her "squeaky" stuffed animals best of all. She is very people focused and loves to be close by no matter what you are doing. She has begun to learn basic commands such as "sit," "down," "stay," and "here" and is always happy to have a treat come her way.

She is such a fast motivated learner! She is always happy and wags her tail often just when she sees you or wakes from a nap. We've had to keep her activity level limited after being spayed but she seems to be content with snuggling up for now. She is anxious to get out and stretch her legs, meet new doggie friends and learn what the tennis ball is all about. We have another week or so of R and R and then we'll be ready for some serious play time!

We all absolutely adore her and feel so fortunate to have such a "lover" of a dog. She doesn't leave to many faces "un-kissed!" They just don't come sweeter than "Stella!"


CharlieTwo-year-old Charlie was just planning to hang out at Todd's place for a little while and have some fun, get a few good meals, and soak up some love while he waited for a forever family to find him. But it wasn't long before Charlie realized what a great guy his foster dad was and what a wonderful life they could have together if only he could stay forever. As luck would have it, Todd was also thinking about how much he enjoyed Charlie's company and what a great team they made, and so they soon both decided that Charlie was already home.

Todd says Charlie is doing great and is with him "almost 24/7." He sent us this photo of Charlie enjoying a cold and snowy Mother's Day 2014 in the mountains, and tells us:

"My Mom passed last spring from cancer and no one loved my last yellow lab ‘Syndey’ more than my Mom. This year Mothers Day was a reflective day for me — Charlie never met my Mom but he was a comfort to me — we planted trees and plants in the snow."

Xena (formerly Athena)

XenaWith her natural blonde locks, ready smile, and a heart of gold, three-year-old Athena is truly a lovely Lab both inside and out. Athena found her home with Shari and her family and she's loving being one of the girls! And what a good girl she is, (well, most of the time, but nobody's perfect). Athena is gaining confidence and thriving as part of this loving family, and she's starting to understand that she really has found her happily forever after.

Shari writes:

Athena (now known as Xena) is doing great. When we first brought her home, she was very quiet and on her best behavior. She didn't bark at all and she found comfort in enclosed spaces. She must have been very used to being in a crate. Week by week she began to loosen up and she soaks up all of the petting and hugging she can get. She's a bit wary of men, so it's good that she found a home with girls. We can't believe how lucky we are to have found such a sweet girl. She is still a fairly quiet dog, which the neighbors love. She has a few training issues, but we feel that they are habits she is reverting to and knows better (like chewing things she shouldn't when we aren't at home).

Xena is very trainable and eager to please. She is a healthy and happy dog. She follows me everywhere and is especially happy when I am working outside in the garden or yard. She has doggy friends and seems well socialized.

Winslow (formerly Smokey)

WinslowFour-year-old Smokey has found his forever home with his new mom, Emily, and new big yellow Lab brother, Mikey. Smokey is spending a little time at boarding school to learn his ABCs and how to mind his Ps and Qs, but he'll soon be back home to be a full-time family Lab.

Emily tells us:

Smokey is doing great! I have actually changed his name to Winslow and he is now recognizing that. He is a very easy-going dog and I have recently been letting him have free reign in the house while I am at work with no issues.

He was definitely a bed dog in his last home, so as soon as I leave the house he is up on the bed. But he hardly sheds at all so I will pick my battles. He is currently at a training facility (board and train) working with a trainer that was highly recommended by one of my family members so that he can learn his basic commands. He is so easy-going that I can see how his previous owners didn't see training as a priority, but I want him to know his basics and learn to pay attention when I call him, tell him "no" and "leave it," etc. I will be doing private lessons with him as well during this process.

I have already taken him for a weekend trip up to the mountains and he loved it, although he really had no interest in the river. I may have the only two labs that don't have interest in swimming. He is such a lovable dog and rides great in the car! He is friendly to everyone and every dog he meets and loves for people to pet him when they meet him. He gets along great with my older lab, Mikey…although Mikey gets less sleep with him around! Winslow's favorite thing to do is lie down in front of Mikey while he is taking a nap and just lick his face non-stop for ten minutes!

He has transitioned really well and gets lots of walking time with me. He is super tennis ball, baseball, and soccer ball motivated. After training, I plan on working with him on catching a frisbee since he is already a great tennis ball catcher!

Winslow is pictured on the window seat in the mountain condo keeping watch for squirrels and birds.

Nooney (formerly Nauni)

NooneyMegan has added a lovely 1 1/2-year-old pup named Nauni to her family and this lucky yellow Lab girl is settling in and making herself right at home. Nauni, (now Nooney), is a happy and lively youngster who is always up for a playdate, whether it's a ballgame with her family or an impromptu game of chase with any critters who wander by — but nothing's more fun than hanging out with her new big brother Barley and trying to entice him to play.

Megan sent us an update on her new girl:

We named her Nooney (or Looney Nooney) as my family couldn't say her name. After a second restless night of barking at every noise, we finally figured out she likes kennels where she happily goes every night to rest. She loves our big back yard and her old brother Barley who is a seven year old lab. She tries to get him to play by nipping at his neck and sometimes he will, sometimes he won't. While not being ball crazy at her foster's home, she is a very good fetcher and retriever for us, willingly dropping each ball at our feet after she chases it down. She will play all day is possible. She loves walks and chasing anything that moves—rabbits, ducks, chipmunks. She was clearly a loved and cared for dog, as she is great with our kids, any visitors, and knows a few commands. Slowly she is eating more and getting the hang of our routine and family. She has fit right in without a glitch and we are thrilled to have her.

Nooney is pictured trying to share the tail end of Barley's bed.

Indo (formerly Romeo)

IndoYoung Romeo is in his new home with Bryan and Dawn and his new canine sister and bff, Harper. Romeo, now known as Indo, is a dashing, eight-month-old yellow Lab pup who is full of life and love, and he's thrilled to have such a great family to share a lifetime of fun and adventures with.

Indo's new mom writes:

Indo (aka Romeo) has been doing great! We are so happy to be his family. He has always had a bit of separation anxiety and whenever he has to go outside he watches to make sure we are coming too. If we don't, he will not go out. We had a big breakthrough this past weekend…he went outside and did not even turn his head to see where we were. We were so excited! Indo has a furry sister, Harper, about the same age and they have become inseparable. Our doggy daycare even comments about how they play together all day and they even have to put them in the same kennel or Indo will not stop barking.

We not think we could have picked a better match for our family. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to find this wonderful boy!!

Indo is pictured mugging for the camera during a recent family outing.

Charlee (formerly BeBe)

CharleeTwo-year-old BeBe, has a new home, a new name, and a brand new life! Now known as Charlee, she is thrilled to be home forever with Beth and Bob.

Since her new parents both work from home they are able to spend a lot of time every day with their lucky new Lab girl, and Charlee is very happy to be able to keep a close eye on them and keep them company while they work. She's always there with wags of encouragement and is at the ready in case they need to take a little break to play some ball or go for a walk.

Ms. Charlee and her family are also attending training classes one evening a week so that Charlee can catch up on her schooling. Beth tells us that Charlee is a very loving and attentive girl so we know she'll pay close attention to all her lessons and make her new parents very proud.


CleopatraLike her namesake, Cleopatra is a natural beauty, widely know for her wit and charm, but this ten-year-old treasure of a Lab doesn't let it go to her head. "You can call me Cleo", she modestly woofs when meeting new friends. Cleopatra has now settled into her forever palace with her new parents, Dave and Marion, and her new canine brother, Shorty; and she tells us that being a part of this wonderfully family makes her feel like a queen.

We received this wonderful update from Cleopatra's new dad:

Here are some "one-liners" for our new dog, Cleopatra.

  • Cleo always stays close to one of us, it seems that she needs to be with someone.
  • She really enjoys chasing a a squeeky tennis ball with our dog Shorty, although Shorty usually gets the ball (because he knows where and when we will throw).
  • Cleo is a quick learner; she does pretty good at "stay."
  • Cleo is a very happy dog; most of the time she is just waiting for you to "do something" like walk, throw the ball or just set down. In other words she is happy to be with you.
  • Over all, Cleo acts more like a two year old; could it be because she led a very lonely life in her past, and now needs companionship.
  • Our dog Shorty seems to be getting more tolerant of Cleo's presence, although sometimes he acts as if she is blocking his way.
  • Hunger-Cleo acts as if she hasn't eaten for days and will bark at us if she wants food; she always cleans her plate and looks for more.

We could not do without her now, she is definitely part of the family.

Thank you to Marion and Dave for bringing Cleopatra into your hearts and making sure that her golden years will truly be golden!

Zoey (formerly Amelia)

ZoeyJulia has added a beautiful little 1 1/2-year-old chocolate charmer named Amelia to her family and this sweet Lab girl is happily settling in and quickly learning that there's no place like home, sweet home.

Here are some excerpts from the update Julia sent us on Amelia's wonderful new life:

Amelia is now Zoey. She's doing really well. She had a few accidents in the house over the weekend. I think the foster family housebroke her, but she was used to a doggy door (which I don't have) and I'm not sure she knew how to tell me she needed to go out. She hasn't had an accident since Saturday, so I think we may be over the hump. I don't want to keep her in a crate all day while I'm at work, so she's been going to day care at Camp Bow Wow everyday. She loves it. Yesterday, when I picked her up, the "Camp Counselors" apologized for her being so wet - she played so much she had dog slobber all over her! I think it is also helping her to come out of her shell. It took her a couple of days to realize that I wasn't abandoning her at Camp Bow Wow and that I was going to actually come back and pick her up. She's not as anxious anymore and it seems like she's feeling more comfortable around me and around the house.

She's still very skinny, so she's eating three meals a day. She tries to snatch food off of the counter, but she's starting to change that behavior. Even though she's always hungry, she will sit and wait patiently by her bowl until I give her the okay to eat. When I got her, she showed no interest in balls or toys. That is also slowly changing. She loves walks and is pretty good on the leash (with a gentle leader). We start obedience school tonight, so I'm hoping she'll learn to come when I call. She's taken to jumping up on the couch - I take that as another sign that she's feeling comfortable and secure. Zoey is a really sweet girl and I know we're going to be very happy together.


ConnorYoung Mr. Connor has been such a busy boy since he arrived at his new home that he's barely had time to write, but he did send us note to let us know that he is having soooo much fun in his new home with Bethany and Andy! Even with a spring schedule full of hiking, walking, swimming, fetching, and growing, this happy ten-month-old pup is always ready to take a little time out for a good home-cooked meal and to spend some cuddle time with his new parents and tell them how very happy he is to be home.

Connor's new parent's write:

Connor is doing wonderfully! We have fallen completely in love with him! He went to the vet yesterday and is at fourty-eight pounds, which is the desired weight for him right now. The vet said he is in amazing shape, very strong and very healthy! He has fallen into a very active household and seems to be enjoying all the hikes & walks! He is a pro at fetching tennis balls now and has met some new friends who he loves playing with! He loves the water and even went swimming during our recent snowstorm! We are slowly working on some separation anxiety, but know it will get better over time. And I should add, he is the best snuggler!

The photo from our hike this morning in Snowmass village.

Baxter (formerly Kenny)

JosieKenny, now known as Baxter, is a beautiful 1 1/2-year-old yellow Lab who is always ready to greet each new day with a big smile on his face and a wag in his walk. This good-natured boy has a lot to smile about these days as he settles into his new home with Matt and Nicole, their kids, Sam, Haley, and Zack; and his new canine sister, Diva.

Here are some excerpts from the wonderful update we received from Baxter's new family:

Baxter is doing great. He fits into our family like he was meant to be. Our little dachshund Diva loves him and the cat is warming up to him. He went to my sons baseball game and daughters softball games last weekend with us. He was well behaved. Needs some practice with not pulling on the leash, but after being stern he followed my directions. He really just loves being around all of the people. I told people he's working on his greeting manners and had him sit before someone gave him attention. He did very well with that.

After a week in the yard he knew where his boundaries were and hasn't run out of them. ( we have the invisible fence). Definitely doesn't like the crate. Has lots of anxiety when he's in it. Today was the first day that I left him out of the crate while we are at school. My oldest went home early and Baxter greeted him at the door. Didn't potty in the house or destroy anything. One more week of school and we will be with him all day.

We have found him on the couch just sitting there like it wasn't a big deal. Pretty funny to see him with a big smile "like hey come sit by me." He gets off quickly when told. Oh he's also a bed jumper. Just loves to jump on our bed and take over. He does try to pounce on the bed and play before he gets down. Sleeps right next to the bed. We just love him to pieces though. He follows us around, I guess to make sure we aren't going to leave him. Can't figure out why he left his home or someone didn't want him.

He also loves riding in the car with the window down and his head out with a big smile on his face. We tried playing with a ball with him within a couple days of him being at our house. At first it was like he didn't know what to do, but after walking out to the ball with him a few times it was like he's a pro. He'll chase the ball, bring it back, sit and then drop it. Our Golden we had for thirteen years wouldn't even drop the darn ball. We're looking forward to summer and taking him play in the water. Thank you so much for what the organization and volunteers do.

Baxter is pictured proudly posing for his adoption photo with Matt and Nicole, Sam, Haley and Diva.


ZiggyAs soon as four-year-old Ziggy met his new parents, Ann and Michael, he knew they were keepers, and he was one very happy boy. When Ziggy found out that in addition to his great parents he would also have two girls of his very own to take on walks and love and play and snuggle with, he was so excited that he did the doggy dance of joy! His dream of having a forever family to take care of and adore has now come true for this loving and lovable, gentle soul, and he is enjoying every moment of his new life as a cherished family Lab.

Ann writes:

Ziggy with girlsZiggy (we love the name and are keeping it!) has made an excellent adjustment to our home. He likes being around us, following whoever is home through the house. He enjoys spending time outside with our girls and going on walks. He is good on a leash. Ziggy is always excited when our girls come home from school. He sticks by them after school and sleeps in their bed. He is sweet and gentle with them and us. He is a bit nervous in the car but we are working on short car rides and outings to get him more comfortable.

We are thrilled that Ziggy is part of our family. We love him and are giving him a wonderful life!


RockyRocky has found his forever home with Brenda and Steve and their kids, Chase and Bailey. A handsome and lively one-year-old pup, young Rocky is delighting in his new role as the family activity director and is looking forward to helping everyone enjoy the great outdoors this summer.

Rocky's new parents tell us:

Rocky has been a great addition to our family. His youthful energy has us all moving more, which we needed. He's even inspired our other two dogs to be more active (we rescued them after they spent more than 4 years in a shelter and tend to prefer sleeping in our small guest bathroom).

He's a welcome bed hog and loves to cuddle. We've been working on leash manners as he wants to jump and lunge with every dog that comes along and "hug" on visitors but those are just about the only bad habits he has.

We were wary to take him to the dog park as we just weren't sure what he was going to do based on his leash behavior but other dog owners there assured me he would be less frantic off the leash so I let him off and it was wonderful! He ran and played and was so happy. And had no issues at all! We stayed for two hours.

We love having him!


RoscoBarb brought Roscoe home to foster him while he waited to find his forever family. That was the plan anyway, but then Roscoe arrived and looked around and saw what a great life Barb's forever dogs, Polly (a Safe Harbor alumna) and Frosty the Collie, had he knew he had to convince her that he was already home. Roscoe turned on all of his considerable Lab charm, batted his big brown eyes, and followed Barb everywhere so that she would figure out how much she would miss him if he left — and soon Barb decided that her heart and home were big enough for one more, and Roscoe was home to stay.

Barb writes:

Well, let's see…Roscoe is always laying by my feet. If I move to a different room he follows me even if I am just doing a quick errand. He and Polly aboslutely love dog parks and especially Chatfield dog park. I always carry a year membership for both getting into Chatfield and use of the dog park. Rosce will swim all day after a toy if I allow him to but I do not because I am concerned about his age of ten, plus the fact that apparently he has lost thirteen pounds since I have had him and is underweight so no more dog parks every day! I will get him to Chatfield twice a week. When I and my friend go there, we walk abt. two miles, and the whole time we are walking Roscoe is running ahead of us with his float toy in his mouth, and turns and runs back, so he gets in twice as much walking/running as we do, so that is about four miles, and then all the swimming on top of it. I believe that is why he has lost so much weight. Now I am trying to figure out WHAT to feed him that will put weight back on him. I will talk to my vet about it.

My old collie Frosty, has taken to cleaning Roscoe's face once in awhile, like a mother.

Polly and Roscoe are pals especially at the dog park.

Roscoe sleeps at the foot of my bed (on the floor on a doggy bed). He LOVES to go for rides in the car! He is just overall a great, loveable dog and perfect for me!

Roscoe is proudly wearing his Safe Harbor bandanna as he poses with his new mom and his sister, Polly. Frosty declined to join the group for the family photo.

Izzy (formerly Hope)

IzzyWhen Erin and Josh added a big, nine-month-old Lab baby named Hope to their family they made all of her hopes and dreams come true. Hope is now known as Izzy, and this beautiful raven-haired pup is thriving in her new home where she is definitely enjoying the active Lab lifestyle. She's also an eager student who will always cheerfully take some time out from her busy play schedule to sit, stay, and work on her lessons. With all of the fun of family life and the love and companionship of her parents and her new little, big canine sister, Izzy tells us she is now the happiest girl on four paws

Izzy's parents sent us this wonderful update on their new girl:

Izzy (formerly Hope) came home with us about four weeks ago and we are thrilled to have her as a part of the family. In our short time with Izzy we have been amazed at just how smart she is and the amount of potential that she has. We all know that labs can be pretty clever and she is proving just that after a little training, patience and love.

Izzy still has a lot of puppy in her so we are continuing to work with her daily on basic obedience and manners. Izzy is great around the house and we have only had a couple minor incidents with her misbehaving. She loves going for runs, taking walks and playing fetch at the dog park and in the yard. We're still working on the drop command when playing fetch but she is getting better. As of right now she can sit, shake and lay down on command and we are continuing to work on stay and come.

Izzy is getting along well with her older but smaller sister Booger and although they can’t really wrestle around because of the size difference they still like to play. All in all, Izzy is a very happy pup and we can’t thank her foster parents, Allison and Glen, enough for taking her in and providing all of their time and dedication to her. See you guys around at the dog park! We’d also like to thank SHLR for helping us find such an incredible lab!

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