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Safe Harbor Lab Rescue successfully places about a dozen labs a month into loving homes. Adoptive families love to share their joyful experiences with us. Over 1,850 of those success stories are listed on the following pages. We'd like to thank these very special people for sharing their stories with us!


IndiaSweet India has found her forever home with Margaret, and she tells us that her new mom is the cat's meow! Speaking of cats, Indy also has some furry feline siblings to keep her company when mom's away. Indy is a seven-year-old black beauty with soulful brown eyes and a loving disposition. She's a cheerful girl who always sees the water bowl as half full; and when we asked her to describe her new home, she replied without any hesitation, "it's just purrfect!"

Margaret says:

"Indy is the sweetest dog. She loves everyone and everything. My cats get used to Indy the first day. I have a wild rabbit who moved into to the backyard, and Indy does not bother it at all! Indy is making friends during her walk. She is good off leash and on leash. She is bit by bit getting used to my schedule. She does not like to go out to the backyard alone; something for us to work on."

Indy is pictured with Margaret on adoption day, letting her new mom know how very happy she is to have been chosen to join her family.


TrooperAfter a long and distinguished career as a hunting dog and family Lab, ten-year-old Trooper found himself unemployed and without a home. Luckily, he made his way to Safe Harbor and enjoyed the comfort and safety of a loving foster home where he was able to relax and make plans for the future. Trooper considered his options and realized that while his hunting days may be over, he was still exceedingly well-qualified to be a family Lab. He decided to update his resume, get his references in order, and see if there were any positions available for a very loving, well-mannered, amusing, and exceptionally handsome gentleman Lab. Not just any family would do for this fine fellow, of course, so Trooper took his time and patiently waited until the perfect opportunity came along. When he heard that there was an opening at Nancy and Paul's house for a live-in Lab who would enjoy being part of a family who would love and care for him forever, Trooper quickly put in his application. After a brief interview, it was clear to everyone that this was a perfect match and Trooper was soon on his way home with his new parents and black Lab sister, Katie.

Trooper is now home to stay, and his parents tell us: "He is settling in nicely. How could anyone not love him. He is just a big teddy bear."

Good job, Trooper; and thank you to Nancy and Paul for giving this wonderful older Lab a loving home where he can happily continue his career as an outstanding family member and companion.

Trooper is pictured playing with his new sister, Katie, as they "share" a stuffed snake that he hunted down soon after arriving at his new home.


CamdenThree-year-old Camden has been through a lot in his short life, but all of that is behind him now. Camden arrived at SHLR with serious health issues, but after receiving the medical treatments he needed, followed by a long period of recovery and rehabilitation with one of our very special medical fosters, this beautiful young boy is healing and happy as he settles into his forever home with his wonderful new mom, Anna.

Anna filled us in on Camden's new home life :

Thanks for checking in on Camden. He's settled in really well - I think he's enjoying being a bit spoiled! It's been great for me to have him around, because he's the reason that I make sure we have time for at least a half hour walk before I leave the house in the morning. He's absolutely the sweetest dog, and he's had no issues adjusting to our home schedule at all (not destructive, no accidents, even when I have a long day). We still go visit Connie almost every day, so he gets plenty of opportunities to swim and frolic; we actually just got home from a nice long swim, so he's in the yard rolling in the grass right now (a favorite pastime of his). He and I have joined the Colorado State University vet student running club, so he gets to meet up with human and dog friends and go running, which I think has been great for him. Soon he'll also get the chance to be a volunteer for my classmates to practice physical exam skills, and his radiographs have been great learning tools for our radiology class.

I have to admit that I'm a little surprised by how well he's adjusted, but I'm obviously thrilled! Everyone who sees him comments on how sweet he is and how happy he seems, especially people who have known him through Connie over the last year. He was definitely ready for his forever home, and I'm so glad that Izzy and I were the ones that he chose - and he absolutely chose us, I'm convinced. I added a few of my favorite photos of the Happy Camel (which is what I call him around the house).

Pigeon (formerly Cassie)

PigeonThe beautiful brunette in the photo is Cassie, who is pictured showing off her new dad on adoption day. Cassie, now renamed Pigeon, had apparently not received much training or attention in her previous life and was very inexperienced in the art of household living. She has found the perfect new home with Benjamin and Katherine who are helping her catch up on all the lessons she has missed and showing her how great her life can be as a well-loved family Lab. With an abundance of patience, love, and understanding from her new parents, this sweet Pigeon is quickly learning how to fly.

Pigeon's new dad sent us this update:

She's doing great.

When Pigeon came to us, she knew essentially nothing. She was not house potty trained, wasn't sure how to go up or down stairs, didn't walk on a leash as much as drug us around on it, and knew no basic commands. With all the energy of a 2-3 year old Lab, this was lot to handle. But she is sweet to the core and happy to be in a family.

In the month we've had her, she has gained 6.5 pounds and is starting to cover some of those ribs with healthy muscle and fat. She probably needs about 5 more pounds to reach her ideal body weight. We've used a gentle, positive rewards approach to coaching. She now can "sit," "down," "back up," and is learning the basics of "stay." We've made loads of progress in stopping the severe leash pulling and mostly walk in a relaxed way that makes us both happy. While we still have occasional accidents in the house, we feel that Pigeon is right on the cusp of being reliably house potty trained.

Most of all, she's learning to trust and rely on us. She loves to play and cuddle as much as we do. I think Pigeon is going to be a great companion for many years.

Remington (formerly Barney)

RemingtonBob and Lisa adopted a little jet-black Lab puppy a few months ago and recently sent us a great update on this beautiful baby, (now known as Remington), who has quickly grown into a very handsome, loving, and energetic teenage Lab.

Bob writes:

Lisa and I got Remington from Safe Harbor Labs. The organzation is well run by volunteers who truly love dogs, thank you to all! He was a 3 month old pup when we brought him home. Now at 7 months his energy is amazing. When we are with him he just has to put his face within inches of ours to say "Hi, I am here, You love me, Lets play." It is fun but also demanding having a young lab. We take him to the dog park and he socializes well with other dogs. He loves a lake for a swim and will also do laps in circles making people that watch laughing (the web feet help). Having a young lab is fun but it also takes dedication. I now know why older labs are very loyal to their owners. Its because they will not stay away from inches of your face when they are young forcing you to be also loyal to them. Thank you Safe Habor. Please help support this organization. Bob and Lisa

Abigail (formerly Millie)

Abigail "Abbie"Lucky Millie attended Labfest 2014 with her foster mom, and before this fun-filled dog day was over this adorable, energetic youngster had captured the heart of one of our wonderful SHLR volunteers, Shirley. Shirley and her husband Rick soon decided that Millie should join their family; and Millie is now home enjoying the good life with her new parents and canine sister, and proudly telling everyone she meets that she is now a forever dog.

Shirley tells us:

Millie nka Abigail (Abbie) is doing great after a tough couple of weeks. She developed a uti, a ER and vet visit got her on the right track. Her and Mollie (also a shlr from 2011) are best buds. Mollie, even though she has gone to day camp really never knew how to play is playing with Abbie nonstop. Not sure who is going to be more dominant. They take turns. Abbie walks on a leash really well, although those darn bunnies are quite the distraction. She sits, stay and comes really well. We were on vacation up in the mountains and we were able to let her off leash and run with Mollie. They swam and rolled and ran like life could never be better. Working with her to not jump on me and sleeping on her bed on the floor. She loves to snuggle. She is such a wonderful addition to our family and neighborhood dog clan. Thank you Tracy for fostering and introducing us at Labfest and thank you Safe Harbor for giving this little girl a chance for better life.

Heathrow (formerly Monty)

HeathrowKaren and James adopted our Monty, a beautiful five(ish)-year-old chocolate Lab; and they recently sent us an update with a note from their very clever new boy:

Hi there,

It's been 3 weeks since we adopted Monty (now Heathrow) and we wanted to send a message. We love him so much! Thank you for the newest family member. Below is a note from Heathrow himself. He hasn't quite picked up typing yet.

Karen & James


My name used to be Monty but now I am called Heathrow. I don’t know what that is but I like it! Sometimes I am called Heath Bar because Dad says my eyes are toffee colored. Mom affectionately calls me Fudge Puddle because when I lay down my limbs go everywhere like a big puddle.

I love my new house and mom and dad have let me redecorate the backyard. They are pleased as punch when I push all the mulch around to help. I can tell by the way they go ‘Heathrow!' when I’m done.

This neighborhood is full of nice people who always come out to say hi and scratch my ears. I don’t know what grandparents are but they send care packages and make me homemade treats! Mom is always following me around with a ‘camera' but since it doesn’t smell good, I tend to run the other way because tag is so much more fun. I am getting daily walks around the neighborhood and sometimes dad takes me running. Everything smells so good that I like to stop a lot. The parents have taught me to stay, sit, and heel. They seem so proud but I do it for the treats. They probably won’t catch on.

At the end of the day, I get to catch my stuffed duck after it tries to fly away and then I bring it back to mom and dad who always seem to let it go again. Why do they keep doing that? Don’t they know I caught it just for them? When it gets quiet with mom reading and dad studying, I go from room to room checking on them. I place my head on their thigh and get something called ‘wubs on my ears.'

It’s a pretty great place to be and I can tell those two legged tall people love me.


Chloe (formerly Abby)

ChloeTwo-year-old Abby, (now named Chloe), is one lucky lab! She has found her forever home with Brittany. It was love at first sight. Abby quickly showed Brittany what a good girl she was-she was friendly and adorable, showed off her commands and played nicely with her foster brothers. It only took a few minutes for Brittany to decide that Abby was meant to be her new companion.

This weekend Abby went on her first camping trip and it was a huge success! She got to hike and play in the water. She listened well and stayed close by. When Abby got home, she was so tired that she went to bed in Brittany's bed. The life of a well-loved lab!


BergerThe big, beautiful, blond hunk of a Lab with the dreamy brown eyes, ready smile and happily thumping tail is Sandi and Keith's new boy, Berger. Berger is as good-tempered and easy-going a fellow as you'll ever be lucky enough to meet; and although he's just three years old, his love of everyone large and small, eagerness to please, and mellow demeanor, make him seem wise beyond his years. This great boy found the perfect place to make a new start in life when Sandi and Keith decided that he was just the right pup to put the Lab back in their lives.

Berger's new parents write:

After being without a dog for over 2 years, Berger's picture spoke very loudly to us on Facebook. It pretty much told us that it was time to fill the void with this very big, very handsome 3 year old lab. Walking into the foster mom's home we were greeted with a big happy smile and wagging tail and invited us to play a little fetch in her yard. Berger is a happy, healthy 108 lb. "vanilla" lab who loves life, whether it be in the house, backyard, car/truck, at the dog park, playing fetch, swimming, going for walks, rolling in the grass or in the middle of the room. Shortly after bringing him home, we took a road trip to spend time with family in Lincoln & Omaha where he was greeted with open arms by all. Even in very hot, very humid Nebraska he retained his happy countenance. He visited the nursing home where his new "Grandma-great" lives, had a great time playing with my brother's great dane mix and swimming in his pool with our granddaughters. We feel so blessed to have him as a part of our family. We are retired and semi-retired and look forward to many wonderful years full of adventures together.


LouieThere's a new pup making himself right at home in Jonathan and Natalie's house these days. This big, beautiful bundle of yellow Lab joy is eight-month-old Louie. Young Louie can barely control his excitement at having a new family of his very own and is making sure they all know how happy he is to be home!

Louie's new parents tell us:

Louie has immersed himself into our house as if has known no other life. He has done wonders for our older dog, made him 3 years younger or at least act that way. He is full of love and very willingly wants to share it with all. Unfortunately a little too willing at the moment. However he is very smart and very trainable. He is part of our family now and we expect him to have a very long, healthy, spoiled life.

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