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Safe Harbor Lab Rescue successfully places about a dozen labs a month into loving homes. Adoptive families love to share their joyful experiences with us. Over 1,950 of those success stories are listed on the following pages. We'd like to thank these very special people for sharing their stories with us!


BaxterMichelle and Jim have added beautiful 2 1/2-year-old Baxter to their big, happy family, and this sweet, gentle boy is fitting in nicely with all of his two and four-legged siblings and is loving being one of the gang. Here are some excerpts from the update Michelle sent us on life with Baxter:

A Safe Harbor volunteer brought BAXTER to our home on Sunday, June 14th. The next morning we had to put our 13 1/2 year old lab to sleep. It was nice to have Baxter as a distraction as we were all so sad after losing Harley!

We have 5 children. Our oldest, Jessica, will be 21 in August. Jessica is severely handicapped & non verbal. Logan is 14 & our only son & was very excited to have Baxter join our family. Jamie is our 2nd daughter & she just turned 12. Our twin girls, Heather & Clare, will be 10 in September. The volunteer was nervous that Baxter would jump on Jessica & hurt her. I assured her that animals have a keen sense & know that Jessica is different & they treat her accordingly. We have a Shih Poo mix that is 1 & she is feisty! She is not afraid of Baxter & welcomed him! I guess she was so comfortable with Harley because he was 110 pounds! We also have an adult cat, Macey. She hasn’t gotten close to Baxter yet, she just runs past him & he just stares at her. We also took 2 kittens from our neighbor that just had barn kittys. They are very curious about Baxter & he just sniffs them.

The first day, we kept trying to figure out why any family wouldn’t want him? My husband said maybe he’ll turn into a devil at night? No issues at all. We bought Baxter a comfortable bed & he began sleeping in my son’s room & has ever since! He does shed a lot, maybe his summer coat, but the kids know how to vacuum.

Baxter has come camping with us. We have a camper that sleeps 7 & he managed to find a place to call his own. He did absolutely wonderful & we are camping for 3 nights this holiday w/e & he will be with us & our lil dog, Lola! They are best buddies now! He plays gently with her cause he’s smart & realizes she is so tiny & he is a GENTLE GIANT! After the holiday w/e, we have a trainer coming to our home to train him. She has worked with us in the past because of our daughter, Jessica. I told her someone has worked with Baxter because he knows basic commands & she is excited to meet him!

Baxter is a wonderful dog & we’ve hit the jackpot with him!!! The other day, we were out at the playset with the kids & they were all laughing so hard because Baxter climbed up the ladder & went down the slide!

Baxter has never jumped on Jessica, just goes over to her on the couch to check on her & sniff her!

Baxter is such a handsome dog too! It really amazes us that he was available for adoption! Well, he’s found his forever home! BAXTER is officially a member of our family & will be long after the children go off to college & it’s just Jessica, my husband & me!

Macey (formerly Maizie)

MaceyTwo-year-old Maize is so exited to be home forever with Pam and Larry that she's jumping for joy! Now known as Macey, this sweet chocolate charmer loves just hanging out with her parents and her new Lab brother, Cole, and pointing out any wildlife that might wander nearby.

Pam and Larry write:

We are happy to report that Miss Macey has taken over the household. CATs are adjusting too; well almost. The first moment in our back yard Macey was pointing at the birds; then two minutes later pointing at the deer over the fence. She came to us with severe allergies and after the vet call is doing so much better on some new meds .

She is showing off her athletic abilities lately by doing her "hot laps" and in the middle of a lap she jumps off the ground with all four feet and lands going a different direction (turning in mid air.) That is a new "one" for our books!

Fun, fun, fun. Thanks to all at Safe Harbor who made this a success story!

Maggie (formerly Tolka)

MaggieDawn's family recently grew by another four feet when a lovely, eight-year-old lady Lab named Tolka came home to stay. This sweet, people-loving pup is settling in nicely and enjoying family life, as her new mom tells us:

We have actually renamed her Maggie and she seems to like it. She is a super smart girl and I have to wonder if she didn't have some service dog training at some point. We found out quickly that she can open a sliding glass door by grabbing the handle with her teeth and pulling it open. She got the butter off the island - at least she took it out on the deck before she ate it. She is a puller on the leash so I have been working with her using the Holte leader. Every time out, she gets a bit better and more tolerant. She is not quite certain what to make of the horses and goats. She has no problem keeping a safe distance. She is an excellent car traveler and not much seems to faze her. She snores - and loudly! She loves our kids and when we had guests that had small children, she was so great with them. Super patient and gentle. She definitely prefers her humans when we are home although she hangs out with our other two dogs and our cats with no problem. She suffers a bit from separation anxiety but it is something we are working on with her to get her over it. She has been a perfect fit for our family.


BlueBlue is an exceeding handsome seven-year-old Lab gentleman with a gorgeous shiny black coat complete with white tie markings (handy for those occasions when he's invited to formal events), and with just enough hint of hound dog in his slightly long ears and melodic singing voice to keep him grounded. This well-rounded fellow recently found the home of his dreams with his new parents, Sue and Larry, and his many new two-legged, four-legged, and fine feathered siblings, including the notorious Albert the Parrot. Blue splits his time between his city home and his cabin in the mountains, and is as happy as happy can be.

Being a very thoughtful boy, and knowing that the friends he made along the way to his forever home would love to hear from him, Blue found time to sit down (somewhere far away from Albert) and tap out a letter to us on his ipawd:

Dear Friends,

Greetings from my new home! I'm now in my third week with my new family and it's swell! My new family calls me Blue Boy and they are thrilled that I've adjusted so quickly and that I'm an older lab who likes to hang out at home while they work! I am of course the perfect gentleman. I live in a comfortable home with my my two human owners and two strange feathered things. One is a small and occasionally squeaks or chirps. The other is larger, has a big beak and can sound just like my owner's voices. He often throws edible things to me, but I must be careful not to get too close or he will try to bite me with that big beak of his!

There are other humans that look like my 2 main humans who come and go. They bring 2 four-legged friends over like me. One is very small and fluffy and jumps all over, licking me. I guess that's okay. The other is a little smaller than me. She's a little shy, but we get along well and she likes me now. My humans take me up to the mountains a lot and we go for long walks. The smells are AMAZING and there are many four legged critters, some with horns on their heads! One of my human owners takes me to visit a very large beast with four hooves and a lot of hair on his neck. My human really loves him a lot and sits on top of him when he walks and trots around. Don't worry - I'm keeping my distance!

Anyway, things are wonderful and I'm very happy in my new home!


Ps. I'll send you some photos.

Blue, (hiking in style wearing his blue Safe Harbor bandanna), is pictured with his mom, Sue, and his niece, Shyloh.

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