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Safe Harbor Lab Rescue successfully places about a dozen labs a month into loving homes. Adoptive families love to share their joyful experiences with us. Over 2,010 of those success stories are listed on the following pages. We'd like to thank these very special people for sharing their stories with us!


RoxanneSweet Roxanne hit the Lab lotto when she was chosen by Sue to be the next lucky SHLR Lab to share her heart and home, and even the couch! In addition to sofa surfing, this ten-year-old chocolate princess loves to be out and about with her new mom, and with all the great exercise Roxanne's been getting, she'll soon need a whole new spring wardrobe.

Sue sent us an update on life with Roxie:

"A new dog never replaces an old dog, it merely expands your heart." How true this is! Sweet Roxanne is my 3rd Safe Harbor adoptee, my 5th dog and all have a special place in my heart, so many great memories. Roxie starts a new chapter in my life. What a gentle, pretty and sweet lady she is! She loves our car rides and walks, and is just happy to stay near me. Such a polite companion she is.

I thought she would need time to adjust to me and her new home as she had been with her foster dad for several months, but she settled right in when I brought her home, cuddling with me on the couch. It was as if she knew she finally has a "forever home". Her chronic ear infections are under control at the moment, and we are only 1-2 pounds away from her ideal weight.

Though I have been slow to submit our little story, Roxie and I became fast friends. To know her is to love her. Those big brown Lab eyes and her almost constant smile are irresistible! How blessed I am to have her in my life!

Sammi (formerly Sammy)

SammiKristina and Derek have added ten-year-old Sammi to their family, and this lovely black Lab girl is simply thrilled to have found such a wonderful, loving home! Sammi's two new canine siblings, Rocky, a 15 year old black Lab, and ten-year-old, Goober the Pug, quickly welcomed her with wagging tails and promises of days filled with four-legged fun. With hiking trails and a lake nearby, an exciting outing is never far away; and nothing makes sweet Sammi happier than cuddling with her new family at the end of every day.

Sammi's new parents tell us they are smitten with their new girl:

We absolutely love Sammi! She is such a sweet heart. I couldn't ask for a better dog. She gets along great with our other dogs. She also seems to love water, although I don't think she's ever been swimming, she went right in the lake down the street and laid down , lol. She is getting used to our routine and I think she's happy, she won't leave my side and is a bit of a bed hog. We are so happy! Thank you!

Thank you, Kristina and Derek, for bringing this very special senior girl into your family and ensuring that her golden years will truly be golden!

Bentley (formerly Buddy Bear)

BentleyBuddy Bear's only wish was to find a place where he was loved and wanted so that he could unpack his food bowl one last time and know that he would never have to hit the road again. His dreams came true when he was chosen by David and Donna to help fill a Lab sized hole that had been left in their family with the loss of their beloved Lab girl, Gracie. Buddy Bear is now Bentley and he couldn't be much prouder; and his new little canine big sister, Penny, is thrilled to have her very own black Lab again. Sweet Bentley takes his responsibilities as Family Lab very seriously and understands that you don't adopt a family unless you plan to keep them forever, so he has promised that if he ever has to move again he will take his whole family with him.

Bentley's new parents tell us:

The adventure began when our 15-year-old black lab Gracie passed away recently. Gracie is still with us in spirit, and her presence told us to celebrate her life by adopting a rescue dog. That's how we came to meet Bentley, our sweet, well-mannered, 5-year-old black lab. Bentley had endured quite a bit in his early life, yet his gentleness belies his past troubles. He's already taken over the couch (and a chair) and eagerly looks forward to walks in the neighborhood. Our 16-year-old Jack Russell terrier was lonely after Gracie's passing, even to the point of trying to follow black labs at the park :-) Bentley is a wonderful pal for Penny and a joyful and beloved addition to our family.

Maggie (formerly Shasta)

MaggieMatthew and Alyssa have added a bouncing baby girl to their family! The new addition is a three-year-old chocolate charmer named Maggie (fka Shasta). Young Maggie is a beautiful girl, both inside and out, and has quickly wiggled and wagged her way into her new parents' hearts and become an adored family member.

The happy new parents tell us:

Life with Shasta has been great. We've actually started referring to her as "Maggie" and she picked up on that within a day or two. She's a very smart girl who is an absolutely wonderful addition to our home. We've made a point of playing fetch at least once a day as she just loves chasing the ball. Her previous owner definitely spent some time working with her on this as she is very good at retrieving and DROPPING the ball. She's also a big fan of snow - which has been good lately. She loves to run in it as fast as she can - as well as eat it! Our previous lab liked to lick up new powder snow, but Maggie just chomps it down.

She's also very fond of belly rubs and is very good at convincing us that she needs more of them. Overall she's been a joy for us. She's very well mannered and hasn't caused any problems in our home, so we have no issue letting her roam freely when we're away or asleep. Thank you for helping us to find such a wonderful companion!


KaiserRonald and Kathryn's four-legged kids, Holly, Molly, and Cody, are thrilled to announce that they have a new brother! He's a dashingly handsome eight-year-old chocolate gent named Kaiser, and he's fitting in beautifully with his new retriever siblings and soaking up all the love and attention he gets from his new doting parents. With his big happy family to keep him company, a half acre yard to run and play in, and plenty of good napping spots to be found, Kaiser tells us that life is pretty doggone good these days.

Kaiser's new dad writes:

Kaiser is a laid back lab, for sure. He moved in and accepted us from the start. He loves the yard and is first in line when I put food out first thing in the morning. He's one big love sponge!

Kaiser and friendsThe picture of Kaiser alone was taken just a few minutes ago. This spot on the floor is close to the windows to the pool and back yard and one of his favorits. He's usually found there or on the couch with his "Mom." The other picture is Kaiser with the "pack." He's good friends with Molly, the Yellow Lab with her back to the camera. She and Cody, the Black Lab, were abandoned in our area 8 years ago and we took them in. Our Golden, Holly, we rescued a year ago. She's the comedian of the pack.


WileyWonderful Wiley has been a very busy boy ever since he moved into his forever home with Erin and Ryan. Between making sure his parents get plenty of exercise, studying his English lessons, tweaking the dinner menu, and posing as a paw model, seven-year-old Wiley has a very full schedule, so it's not surprising that this good fellow treats himself to a well-deserved rest on the sofa when his parents are away. "I'm living the life of Wiley now!" he tells us with a wink and a wag.

Wiley's new mom writes:

When I first adopted Wiley my understanding is that he was a stray who had been overweight and overall neglected in many ways. I was beyond excited to get another dog after the heartbreak of losing my other lab summer 2015. When I first brought Wiley a.k.a. "curly back" (for the curvy highlighted fur on his back side) home he lacked confidence, never barked and was suffering from atypical Addison's but boy has he made a comeback! He has lost 8 pounds, gained muscle and gets a healthy amount of exercise everyday. He will gladly have something to say if you play with him, he nudges for a head rub regularly and demands his food with pumpkin or apple sauce. When I first got him he didn't speak any English but in just a few short months he's learned: breakfast, dinner, treat, walk, outside, good boy and bone. If you invite him on the couch when you're home he will ignore you; if you leave, he's on the couch all day even thought he has a bed in every room so needless to say he's nice and happy. One of the cutest physical features of Wiley is his perfectly rounded front paws- much like a show dog. I was walking him one day and a photographer of a dog magazine snapped a shot of them; it's his claim to fame...

Maycee (formerly Macy)

MayceeAfter being filled in on the house rules by her new canine big brother, Trapper, six-year-old Maycee settled right into her new home and quickly became a beloved family member. Her new parents, Kathleen and Bob, along with their children and of course, Trapper, have all welcomed Maycee with open arms, and this lovely Lab girl tells us she couldn't be happier!

Kathleen sent this wonderful update:

Maycee loves her new forever family and we love her. She is learning the ropes from her older furry brother Trapper. Each morning she helps me wake up her human brother with BIG kisses, so he can get ready for school. Before we go off to work/school, we play a great game of fetch. She is well trained, she will sit and wait till I say go before going to get the Kong wubba and bringing it back. Then it’s her duty to go help her new Dad while he is working in his office…..She naps. After I get home, she enjoys going for long walks in the open space behind her new house. Is very interested in the birds and bunnies that live back there. She also loves helping me in the kitchen.

She filled a big void in our family. We had lost our baby girl lab to cancer this past summer. Our other lab seems lost without his buddy and our family didn’t seem complete. Maycee has brought the joy back to our family. Thank You

Betty Lou

Betty LouHey Daddy-o! Meet Miss Betty Lou, a sweet two-year-old bundle of Labrador joy!

Her friendly and affectionate nature is hard to resist. Betty Lou is always ready to boogie and constantly on the go. Craig and Valerie wanted to meet this little ray of sunshine, hoping that she would fit into their family. Their experience with Labrador Retrievers told them that she was a peach of a dog, and that there was potential in our little diamond in the rough. They knew that she would settle in with patience, basic training, and lots of love. Congratulations Betty Lou, it was your lucky day!

We caught up with them recently to see how things are going:

We adopted Betty Lou after the death of our 15-year-old Labrador mix Tia. Betty Lou is also a Labrador mix, her color a combination of black and chocolate. The vet estimated her age at about 2.5 years. She was thin when we adopted her, but she now weighs about 70 lbs., which is a normal weight for a dog her size.

Betty Lou with toyBetty Lou is a sweet dog. She has a friendly disposition and likes being around people. She also likes driving in the car. I drive to the Starbucks drive-through line on most days; I get a tea and she gets and a puppuccino, which is a cup of whipped cream. She also likes to cuddle on the couch when we watch TV.

She doesn’t have many bad habits. When we adopted her, she was very nearly house-trained and only had a few accidents at first. She likes to chew holes in her dog bed, but she doesn’t chew furniture or shoes. She barks when someone comes to the door, but she doesn’t bark when she plays in the backyard, unlike our previous dogs, which was a welcome development.

Probably our biggest difficulty is handling her energy. As a young, active dog, she really needs a walk every day, which she doesn’t always get. One reason for that is she pulls on her leash and tries to lunge other dogs during walks. We took her for a few training lessons and they’ve been helpful, but she still lunges on occasion.

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