Project Description

Meet Cooper! This adorable pup is no more than a year old and quite petite. His foster dad calls him a “Mini Cooper!”  He’s a friendly young guy who, as you can see, loooves his dog cookies. Cooper was a stray from a small town in Arkansas where there are few opportunities for adoption.

Cooper is loving life with his foster dad and the feeling is mutual. He’s house trained (might be an occasional puppy “oops”) and crate trained and happy to rest inside with door open and a Nylabone to gnaw on. Daily walks where he’s working on his leash manners and playing in the snow are big hits.  This friendly little featherweight is also working on his four-on-the-floor greeting and hopes to have “sit” down pat by the time you come to visit. Playful Cooper gets along well with other dogs; not sure about cats.

Cooper’s foster dad adds:

“Cooper is very puppyish, really adorable and as cute as can be.  Since he’s small, even when he’s all grown up I think he will always look like a puppy. He’s not a chewer but can be a little mischievous: he’ll go get a shoe and just put it by his bed, or he might present me with a roll of TP.  The other day after a snow he had a spurt of the “puppy zoomies” in the backyard that was fun to watch! Cooper wants to be close, loves attention and is a real cuddler. He is a great little buddy!”

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in adopting Cooper.