Rusty is a beautiful one year old fox red Lab full of joy and a true zest for life! He tips the scale at 60 pounds and comes to us as a stray from a crowded Utah shelter where, amazingly, he was overlooked for almost two months.

Rusty is a most welcome affectionate, playful and well-behaved guest in his foster home. He’s house trained, crate trained, sleeps quietly next to the bed all night, and already knows several commands: sit, stay, down and to come when called. Rusty loves people and greets everyone with enthusiasm and a wagging tail. Four-on-the floor is a work in progress. Rusty and his foster dad take several long daily walks – “Love, love, love them!” wags Rusty – and his leash manners are quite good.  Hold on though if he spies a bunny or squirrel! Rusty did well meeting other dogs at the shelter. We don’t know about cats. When we asked this happy handsome young pup about his faves, he told us with a woof and wag: “Being with my foster family, walks, hikes, and lots of retrieving!” Toys and car rides are on his ‘fun list’ too.

His foster parents add:

“What do we like best about Rusty? How affectionate he is! Rusty is an attractive dog with kind eyes. He’s well behaved, likes to cuddle, likes belly rubs and being with his people. He listens to us and is very attentive when we call him by name. The best home for Rusty will be one with an active family that likes to take walks, runs with him, plays with him, and is loving and caring. He will make a great companion to a loving forever home.”