Charlie has joined his new best mate, Jagger, in his forever home with Jon, and the band is back together again!  Charlie didn’t miss a beat when he joined his new family and has fit in beautifully with all. Three-year-old Charlie and two-year-old Jagger are fun-loving, energetic Lab youngsters, and both are thrilled to now have a built-in, full-time playmate in each other as well as a fabulous dad to take them out and about to make new friends and see all there is to see. 

Jon sent us an update on the new kid:

Jagger is of course named after Mick Jagger and Charlie is named after Charlie Watts (the late Rolling Stones Drummer).

Charlie is doing GREAT!! He has become best friends with Jagger my black Lab. They play constantly (Unless they are tired, in which case they sleep together or in his own bed).

Charlie has been great on walks, and at the dog park he is very well socialized and gets along with every other dog.  He also has gotten along great with Lucky, our kitty rescue. They respect each other and their spaces.

Jagger and I are so thankful to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for hooking us up with Charlie!!  We hope to have many years of playing and having fun!!